Top Beaches in Western Australia

by Courtney Thomson

Ready to hit Western Australia’s beaches during your Big Lap? Here are Australia’s best beaches for Australian travellers.

1. Duke of New Orleans Bay


Considered one of the most picturesque and uncrowded coastal areas of Western Australia, Duke of New Orleans Bay is a beach you absolutely have to visit. Just over an hour from Esperance, you can enjoy fishing, surfing, four-wheel driving and plenty of relaxing at ‘The Duke”.

2. Scarborough Beach


Surfers and swimmers alike love this Perth beach. 20 minutes from Perth city, you can expect stunning white sand, a steady swell and a balmy breeze. You’ll find cafes and restaurants along the seafront and a new geo-thermally heated open-air pool which is now open to the public.

3. Turquoise Bay


As the name may suggest, the waters at Turquoise Bay are a beautiful aqua hue. Located within the Cape Range National Park, the incredible white sands of this beach are perhaps the reason it has been voted as one of the three best beaches in Australia. If you’re looking for somewhere to snorkel on the Western Australia coast, this is a great place to do it!

4. Cable Beach


Even if you don’t recognise the name of this beach, the likelihood is that you’ve seen images of camels walking single-file along the sand at sunset. With 22kms of pristine sand, this beach is a definite must-see if you’re in the Broome area during your Big Lap.

5. Lucky Bay


Lucky Bay is a 5km stretch of beach in the Cape Le Grand National Park. You can swim, snorkel, fish and surf in the beautiful waters and you can take to the sand by 4WD. You can also camp at Lucky Bay.

6. Little Salmon Bay


Little Salmon Bay is a beautiful beach on Rottnest Island. The sheltered waters make it perfect for snorkelling and there’s even a snorkel trail you can follow to learn about the local marine life.

7. Hamelin Beach


Hamelin Beach is famous for its friendly, 2m-wide stingrays and is super popular for fishing and snorkelling. Four hours south of Perth, Hamelin beach offers swimmers and snorkelers a rare up-close encounter with some of the area’s marine life and old shipwrecks too.

8. Monkey Mia


Another spot popular for its friendly marine life is Monkey Mia. The calm waters are home to some cheeky, yet very friendly dolphins, offering visitors a unique experience to get up close and personal. Located 25 kilometres from Denham, in the Shark Bay World Heritage area, Monkey Mia costs between $10-$15 to access.

9. Eighty Mile Beach


Don’t let its name deceive you, eighty mile beach is actually 220kms long. Located between Port Hedland and Broome, Eighty Mile Beach is a slice of paradise with long stretches of incredible white sand and pristine turquoise waters.

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