Top 20 Camping Chairs For Your Big Lap

by Rose Foster

You might think that a camping chair can be chosen as a last resort and doesn’t require a whole lot of research. But, trust us, when you sit down in a low-quality camping chair that breaks after just a few uses, you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t do research.

To save you the trouble, we’ve found some of the best camping chairs on the market in Australia. We’ve even thrown in a few options if you’re travelling with kids! Read on to find out which chairs are best for your Big Lap…

1. OzTent King Komodo Hot Spot Lounge Chair

To bring ultimate luxury to your camping lifestyle, OzTent has invented this beauty. It can recline as far as you require, and locks in place, meaning it’s perfect for an outdoor nap and you won’t have to worry about your chair moving once you’ve reclined it as far as you like! Plus, it features Hot Spot functionality to keep you warm – perfect for those chilly nights spent by the campfire. It also features a pull-out side table with a cup holder and even a phone holder. Talk about convenience!

2. OzTent Gecko Chair With Side Table

Another great design from OzTent, the Gecko Chair features a handy fold-out side table to make eating beside the campfire as easy as possible. Not to mention that this chair also features OzTent’s classic Patented Lumbar Support for comfort and convenience. The benefits just keep coming with this chair as there is also a 5-year warranty in case there are any issues or faults with the product.

3. OzTent King Goanna

If you’re looking for a comfortable camping chair that also features soft, material armrests, consider the King Goanna by OzTent. Plus, it features a comfy headrest for those relaxing afternoons by the beach or evenings by the campfire! There are also two insulated drink holders on either side of the chair for added convenience.

4. Companion Rhino Lounge Camping Chair

Another fantastic reclinable chair, this option from Companion features a padded seat and backrest, plus a comfy adjustable headrest. It reclines as far as you like with an easy lock mechanism to keep it in place while you relax and enjoy the views. The Rhino Lounge Chair is also UV treated to prevent wearing and fading. Plus, it folds flat for easy storage and has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

5. OzTrail Sun Lounge Deluxe

Featuring full-length padding, this awesome reclining chair from OzTrail is a hit with campers! Designed to bring ultimate comfort to your outdoor stay, the adjustable built-in headrest will have you nodding off to sleep in no time. A slide-out side table adds to the convenience with a phone and drink holder available.

6. OzTrail Moon Chair Single With Arms

A bit different to the classic camping chair or the increasingly popular reclining chairs, the Moon Chair is becoming more of a hit with today’s campers. With armrests that wrap around the chair and two drink holders, you’ll be relaxing by the beach or campfire in no time. Crafted from polyester fabric with PVC coating for durability, this design from OzTrail features all-around padding for ultimate comfort. It also folds up neatly into its matching carry bag, plus, there’s a 12-month warranty in case the product is faulty.

7. Coleman King Cooler Arm Chair

For a cheaper chair that still has everything you’re looking for, try this hit from Coleman. It’s fully padded to provide ultimate comfort and, probably the best feature of this chair, it has a cooler attached to the arm! That’s right, you can store your beers in the arm of the chair so you don’t have to move when you want another beer. Plus, the other arm has a drink holder! Comfort, convenience and a decent price all rolled into one with this awesome chair!

8. OzTrail Directors Classic Chair & Side Table

You can’t beat the classic camping chair – after all, its simplicity is what makes it a great choice! The Directors Classic Chair brings comfort and convenience together with its fantastic design. Crafted from polyester, this chair features padding for ultimate comfort, plus it has a side table for ultimate convenience. The side table also has a drink holder that doubles as a phone holder, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing either of these important items. Its easy fold-away design makes it even more convenient to pack up and take with you everywhere. Not to mention it’s reasonably priced!

9. Dometic Serene Firenze Relaxer Reclining Camping Chair

Recline as far as you want in this awesome chair from Dometic. Featuring a comfy headrest and a bungee suspension cord for extra comfort, you’ll be relaxing in no time! It easily folds up for convenient transport and has solid, contoured armrests to add even more comfort.

10. OzTrail Duralite Compact Directors Chair

Featuring a 3-stage folding system to make packing it away easy, the Duralite Directors Chair is incredibly lightweight and durable. Its aluminium frame is 33% lighter than normal aluminium frames, making it super easy to carry. Providing ultimate comfort, it also comes with a luxury carry bag to protect the product and make transportation even easier.

11. Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair

Unlike all the other classic camping chairs you’ve seen from Coleman, the 5 Position Padded Chair can be easily reclined to your desired angle. Simply lift the arms of the chair up and down to recline as far as you’d like and let ultimate relaxation mode commence! Featuring a fold-out drink holder as well as a lock-in place mechanism, this chair is definitely a smart buy.

12. Dometic Forte 180 Camping Chair

Another great camping chair from Dometic, made from polyester material, the Forte 180 provides ultimate comfort. Your back will be supported and your arms will rest comfortably on the rigid armrests. A small fold-out side table ensures you can keep your snacks and drinks close by so you can completely relax without worrying about having to get up.

13. OzTrail Handy High Chair

Now we can’t forget about the kids, after all, they want their very own camping chair just like their parents! This awesome design from OzTrail mimics both a high chair and a camping chair. Featuring a seat belt and a locking mechanism to keep the chair stable and sturdy, you can be assured that your little one will be safe and sound in this chair. A removable plastic tabletop makes the job of feeding even easier – you can simply remove the tabletop when it’s time to clean it. For easy transportation, the chair also comes with a handy carry bag.

14. Helinox Chair Zero

Perfect for hiking or those campsites where you have to carry all your belongings with you, Helinox’s Chair Zero has everything you need in a camping chair minus all the weight. Featuring lightweight fabric and a lightweight alloy frame, you’re guaranteed ultimate comfort and easy transportation. Not to mention it comes with a 5-year warranty!

15. OzTrail RV Chair

Featuring integrated lumbar support and a headrest, this chair from OzTrail provides all the comfort you could ever want in a camping chair. The rigid arms make getting in and out of the chair super easy, plus, the durable fabric can withstand anything. With both a bottle and glass holder, what more could you ask for?

16. Helinox Savanna Chair

With a lightweight design and compact packed size, the Savanna Chair from Helinox is a bit different to your usual camping chair, but it’s a great option to consider. With a wider profile and reclined setting, this chair will allow you to sit back and relax in ultimate comfort. It features a built-in cup holder and a carry bag that doubles as a neck rest, it’s no wonder the Savanna Chair is increasingly becoming popular with campers. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty!

17. OzTrail Moon Chair Junior Kids Chair

If you’re looking for a matching Moon Chair for your kids so they truly can be just like mum and dad, you’re in luck – OzTrail also makes a junior version! Featuring all the same components as the adult Moon Chair, the junior version has armrests, a drink holder and is made from durable, easy-to-clean fabric. Your kids will feel like one of the adults in this beauty!

18. Kathmandu Retreat Comfortable Camping Chair

With padding in the seat, back and armrests, this comfy chair from Kathmandu is stable and convenient for any occasion. A handy drink holder means you can enjoy a cold one without needing to bring a side table along as well. The armrests are also adjustable to cater to people of all heights and a handy carry bag is included.

19. OzTrail Galaxy 2 Seater Chair

If you want to save on buying two camping chairs and don’t mind sharing with your partner, family or friends, why not consider the Galaxy 2 Seater from OzTrail? It’s exactly like every other classic camping chair they stock except there are two seats instead of just one. All around padding means you’ll be super comfy and relaxed, plus there are two drink holders so no one misses out on a handy spot to store their drink. It even folds up compactly for easy storage and transportation.

20. OzTrail Junior Deluxe Arm Chair

Yet another option for the kids, this camping chair from OzTrail is just like their adult-sized ones, only in a junior version. With a strong steel frame and padding for ultimate comfort, your kids will absolutely love having their very own camping chair. Plus, you can choose from three colours – super handy if you have multiple kids! It features a drink holder as well as a mesh pocket so your kids can keep all their necessities nearby.

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