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22 Awesome Gift Ideas For Camping Loving Dads

by Rose Foster

Stuck for ideas on what you should buy your dad this Father’s Day? Well, lucky for you, we’re here to help! There are so many great deals at the moment, so you’re sure to find something, plus, you’ll save some money too.

Treat your dad to something special that he can use in his travel adventures or just everyday life in general. Whether he’s a camper, a fisher, enjoys the outdoors, or just loves unique, quirky gifts there are so many things you could buy him, you’ll start to wonder if you should just buy them all. Take a look at some of the best ideas we suggest!

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Sudski Shower Beer Holder

1. Sudski Shower Beer Holder

If there’s one thing we know about all Aussie males, it’s that they enjoy a cold beer in the shower as they unwind from a hard day’s work. Perhaps your dad has had a long day of driving your van around, or maybe he’s exhausted after work… whatever the case, a shower beer is a great way to end the day. Plus, it’s made from silicone, so it can be easily installed in any shower!

Body Scrubber

2. Tooletries The Body Scrubber

Made from silicone, this body scrubber will help your dad scrub away all the dirt and grime from the day – perfect for the outdoorsy dads out there! There’s even a handle for easy grip. Your dad is sure to feel completely clean and cleansed after using this body scrubber!

Macca's BBQ Seasoning Rubs

3. Macca’s BBQ Seasoning Rubs

What dad doesn’t love his BBQ? A great pick for camping or a Sunday arvo BBQ, Macca’s seasoning rubs will tantalise everyone’s tastebuds!

Bok Bok B'Gerk Caravan Cuff Links

4. Bok Bok B’Gerk Caravan Cuff Links

Looking for a bit more of a unique gift for your dad? These cuff links are perfect for those caravan and camping dads. He’ll be sure to impress everyone with these quirky caravan cuff links!

 Tooletries Silicone Tooth Brush & Shaver Holder

5. Tooletries Silicone Tooth Brush & Shaver Holder

If you’re currently on the road travelling and want to give your dad a gift that’s unique but also won’t take up too much space, this tooth brush and shaver holder is perfect. In fact, it will probably also reduce any clutter you currently have. Made from silicone, it can be easily installed in the shower.

Big lap guide help book

6. Big Lap Bible… Obviously!

We couldn’t forget to include this one – after all, it’s the perfect gift for all outdoorsy dads! Even if your dad isn’t planning to do the Big Lap, our ultimate guide can help him plan all his camping trips.

Anti Fog Mirror

7. Tooletries The Oliver Anti Fog Mirror

No matter whether your dad is travelling, camping or just trying to do his daily shave, the mirror fogging up is the last thing he wants. Lucky Tooletries has this awesome anti-fog mirror to help! Plus, it’s a compact size for easy installation and transportation.

Fire Wood Budd

8. Navigator Fire Wood Budd

It seems that dads always get the job of searching for fire wood on camping trips. This simple task can become hard when you have to carry all the fire wood back to your campsite. Treat your dad to this easy fire wood carrier to make his job easier!

pen tool

9. Alcoholder Tacticool – The Ultimate 8 in 1 Pen Tool

Does your dad constantly misplace his tools? Well, this 8 in 1 pen tool is the perfect gift for him! It features a bottle opener, saw, flat blade, screwdriver, 6mm wrench, black pen, self-defence tool, ultra-strong security glass breaker and hi-strength LED tactical standard and strobe flashlight. Woah, that’s a lot! But your dad will definitely love this gift.

 Alcoholder StubZero Can & Stubby Cooler

10. Alcoholder StubZero Can & Stubby Cooler

Up to five times cooler than normal stubby holders, these Stubzero holders will actually keep your dad’s drink cool. And we all know dad is his most happy when his beer is ice cold! They come in six different colours too!


11. Smartsense – Gas Bottle Level Monitor & App

We bet you’ve seen your dad lose it when his gas bottle runs out halfway through cooking steaks on his BBQ. Well, thanks to Smartsense, your dad won’t have to guess anymore – now he can track how much gas is left in the bottle.

Map Of Australia

12. Wooden Map Of Australia

What an awesome gift idea for all those adventurous dads out there – who wouldn’t love a massive map of Australia to plan out their travels!

Kitchen Buddy

13. Navigator Kitchen Buddy

Now this one’s definitely a very handy present for your dad! It’ll save him space in his caravan and help him keep the kitchen neat and tidy (which will keep your mum happy!).

Bamboo Caravan Travel Mug

14. Bamboo Caravan Travel Mug

To keep your dad’s coffee nice and warm while he drives to work or to his next camping destination, these Aussie-designed, lightweight travel mugs are the best gift.

Sidekick Multi Tool

15. Leatherman
Sidekick Multi Tool

To keep your dad organised, gift him this multi-tool! It includes an outside-accessible blade, a screwdriver, saw, small serrated blade, spring-loaded pliers along, and a separate carabiner with hex bit driver and bottle opener. Everything in one tool – plus, it’s top-notch quality!

Outback Survival Book

16. Bob Cooper
Outback Survival Book

To make sure your dad is fully equipped to take on the wilderness during his camping adventures, make sure he has this survival book. It has all the tips and tricks he needs to have a good time (and survive!).

17. Bob Cooper
Survival Kit

Bob Cooper Survival Kit

Why not pair the survival book with a survival kit to ensure your dad is extra prepared for all his camping adventures? This kit comes packed with 32 items, some of which include water sterilisation agents, first aid items, and fire lighting tools.

Beach Mat

18. Coleman
Beach Mat

Perhaps your dad is an avid beach goer? Well, he could definitely benefit from this nifty beach mat. It’s lightweight, portable, and also features a backrest! Shower your dad with this gift to ensure all his beach days are relaxing.

coffee kit bag

19. Blacksmith Camping Supplies
Australian Made Coffee Kit Bags

A great way for your dad to keep all his coffee essentials safe and portable, this coffee kit bag will definitely be a hit! Plus, it’s made from UV resistant, rotproof and breathable materials.

coffee machine

20. Wacaco
Nanopresso Espresso Machine

The perfect companion for Blacksmith’s coffee bag, Wacaco’s Nanopresso lets your dad make his coffee on the go. Even though he’s camping, doesn’t mean he can’t still treat himself to a quality coffee.


21. Sonnenberg 4-in1 Outdoor Multi Function Axe

Make chopping up fire wood the easiest job for your dad with this Multi Function Axe. It’s not just an axe, but also a hammer, nail remover and pry bar. Plus, he can use it for when he wants to break out his inner handyman and get creative with DIY projects!


22. OZtrail Adult Neo Aqua Shoes

A perfect addition to your dad’s camping gear, these aqua shoes are great for rock climbing, swimming or wading through water. Your dad will definitely need these for his outdoor adventures! 

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