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Big Lap Australia – Planning the Ultimate Road Trip in 2023

by Chrissie Caballero

“Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.”

― Leigh Hunt

Are you planning to take the ultimate Big Lap Australia road trip in 2023?

Youre in luck! With the right planning and preparation, you can make your dream of a onceinalifetime Big Lap Australia road trip a reality.

First, decide when you want to start your road trip. The best time to start depends on your destination, the type of trip youre taking, and your budget. If you’re looking for the best deals, consider planning your trip for the off-season, when prices tend to be lower. You can also check our article “How To Decide When To Go On Your Big Lap” which talks about the budget, consideration for travelling with your kids, the ideal season, and more. 

Still have no clue where to start? Watch our Aussie Travel Stories series that feature Big Lappers, from full-time to part-time travellers, couples, families with small kids and big kids, and solo women travellers to give you an idea of how they decided to do the big lap.

See a few of them below:


Next, determine your routeBig Lap Australia offers several routes to choose from, so you can customize your trip to fit your needs. Read the following articles to give you an idea of the route you plan to take

10 Awesome Roads You’ll Come Across On Your Big Lap Road Trip 


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Your Ultimate Guide To The Red Centre Way 


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Your Ultimate Guide To Driving The Stuart Highway from Darwin To Adelaide


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Everything You Need To Know About Staying Connected During Your Australian Roadtrip: Your Guide To Big Lap Internet & Phone Service

Make sure to consider the type of terrain you’ll be driving on, the places you’d like to see, and the length of time you’d like to spend on the road.

Once youve picked a route, its time to start researching the places youll be visiting. Read up on the places you’d like to see, look for recommendations from other travellers (or watch travel stories from newbies and seasoned big lappers, as we mentioned above), and make a list of must-see attractions. 

This part also includes planning the details of your road trip. Consider your budget and create a plan for how youll pay for food, lodging, and other expenses.

Just a few years ago, we created the Big Lap Bible – the ultimate guide, planner, tracker and diary for travels around Australia to help Australians and non-Australians plan their Big Lap.

The ultimate guide, planner, tracker and diary for your travels around Australia

It is a beautifully printed book of 500 detailed pages on Australia’s Region Guides, Travel Discounts, Fill-in-able Planners, Trackers, and Travel Diaries making this book a great Big Lap BFF

Shop for your Big Lap Bible Here

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For first-time travellers, if budget is not an issue, consider booking a campervan or motorhome first for a few weeks and try weekend camping to see what suits your travel style. We also have a range of Car and Van Tours just for you on our YouTube channel to help guide you in choosing the best vehicle option for you and your family’s needs.

See some of them below:


Finally, make sure youre prepared for the journey. Get your vehicle serviced, pack the essentials, and make sure you have a first aid kit and other emergency supplies.

Want additional peace of mind when travelling? Consider getting travel insurance.

*Travel insurance is a musthave for anyone planning a domestic or international trip. It provides coverage for medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, trip cancellations, and other unexpected events that could occur while travelling. Travel insurance can also provide financial protection in the event of a medical emergency, a natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt your trip. With travel insurance, you can be sure that you are covered in the event of an unexpected event, giving you peace of mind while travelling. Check Cover-More Travel Insurance before venturing into your chosen trip. This post may contain affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, Big Lap Bible may earn a small commission that will help in providing you with travel content for your big lap or any travels around Australia

With the right planning and preparation, your Big Lap Australia road trip in 2023 can be an unforgettable experience.

Get started today and make your dream a reality!

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