Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap + A Quick Setup Tour (Aussie Travel Stories)

Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap Around Australia + A Quick Setup Tour (Aussie Travel Stories)

by Chrissie Caballero

Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap + A Quick Big Lap Setup Tour

Nathan and Bella from @lappin.around only decided 3 months prior to their trip that they would do the Big Lap! So, how do they fund the lap, you ask?

Welcome to Aussie Travel Stories, the series where we ask Aussie travellers questions to help inspire and educate the Big Lap community to enjoy the greatest road trip of their lives.

What’s Your Travel Story?

Bella: Hi Big Lap Bible! I’m Bella this is Nathan and we’re from @lappin.around

Bella: So we’re full-time travellers. We left in August of last year, so 2021. We took 12 months off to do a lap around Australia and we’re currently in WA. We’re just going to tell you a bit about what we do, what we travel in, and some information about us!

Why did you decide to do a Big Lap?

Nathan: I don’t know. It’s something we always wanted to do, I suppose, and we’re already doing a six-week trip to the cape last, in August with 6 of our friends and sort of, things just fell into place with work and our house and we thought might as well do it while we can, with the chance so we jumped into it!

Where are you currently?

Bella: At the moment we’re in WA. Southwest WA on the coastline in Yallingup but originally we started, we went to, we did our six-week trip with our 6 couple friends as Nathan just said so. So we headed up to Cape York in Queensland then they headed off home and we went into the territory so we spent about three months in the territory and then we actually did go home for Christmas. Spent a month at home, 

Nathan: Working, some catching up

Bella: I couldn’t really miss Christmas with our families, so we went home for Christmas and then this year we set back off and went down to South Australia, so we’re in South Australia for 2, nearly 3 months and then WA opened their borders which is hopefully always the plan so then we’ve come up to WA and here we are.

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What is your setup?

Nathan: We’ve just got our 2016 Hilux UTE. The canopy on the back, rooftop tent, 270 awning. It’s pretty basic but it works for us. It’s all we need and gets us where we want to go. It’s good.

Basic setup with 270 awning - Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap

Where do you generally stay?

Bella: Generally we stay, we like to try to stay in free camps as much as we can. It definitely all depends on the situation and where we are, and how much we want to see as well, so like when we’re around cities or for example here in WA so far we’ve found like next to no camps. So we have had to stay in some caravan parks especially recently purely just because we don’t then just want to bypass and miss really great spots. So we then, that’s really the only reason we ever have to stay in the caravan park just so that we can explore the area. If not, we do free camps and that’s probably our favourite.

A lot of the free camps especially in South Australia are amazing along the Eyre Peninsula and the Yorke Peninsula. Just so many amazing places off the beaten track. Even for us, there weren’t that many people around. You know, I think WA is definitely the busiest we’ve had so far. But yeah, free camps are definitely our favourite.

Nathan: It’s good to go to a caravan park too for a proper shower. 

Bella: Yeah. Not to say we don’t shower. We have a shower awning, and hot water that we do have a shower with. But you know that you don’t have to set up a shower. You can just walk in, wash your hair, and take as long as you like. 

What is the best camping spot you’ve stayed at?

Nathan: Well, I’ll give you a couple. One from each state I suppose we’ve been to that we really like in Queensland, Stanage Bay which was really nice. And all the camps on the old telegraph track up in the Cape were next level. And then, the Territory, probably Dundee Beach. That was pretty smoky. Right on the beach.

Stanage Bay Free Camp - Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap Stanage Bay Free Camp Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap Dundee Beach Bush Camp Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap Bella: We swung in our hammocks, right along the water.

Nathan: Free camps, that was good. South Australia was probably Moonlight Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. That was really good. Heaps of squid, good swimming, snorkelling. But yeah most of the camps along the Yorke and the Eyre were pretty good. 

Bella: Yeah I’m saying along the Yorke was pretty awesome

Nathan: But yeah we haven’t really seen a lot of WA yet, so we don’t have a favourite yet but we’ll get one soon when we head north I reckon.

Bella: Yeah, hopefully.

Where is the best place you’ve ever been?

Bella: The best place that we’ve ever been, without a doubt, hands down, don’t even need to think about it, is definitely Litchfield National Park in the Territory. We spent a week there and it was just waterfall after waterfall. You could camp really close to them. 500m walk or something like that. It wasn’t far to walk. We could hang out there all day it was so hot and the Territory was getting really close to the end of the year.

The wet season was coming so it was stinking hot. But also because we met some people actually from the sunshine coast. So we’re from Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. We were in the middle of nowhere and we ran into another couple that’s friends with all our friends so it was really awesome and we spent a whole week with them so we met back up when we were in Darwin and we headed down to Litchfield and it’s just one of those places, you see so many places that you just wish you could bring your friends to or experience with your friends and family. And it was so good to experience Litchfield with friends.

Climb waterfalls bushwalk through things just like, yeah just spending time with other people, and so for us, that was just an absolute highlight. It’s just so different when you’re with other people. But yeah, really amazing absolutely. And we tell everyone all the time: “Make sure you go to Litchfield, as long as you’ve got no pets or get a pet sitter.” 

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Where can’t you wait to go?

Nathan: The Kimberleys pretty much. Always wanted to go to the Kimberleys. Fishing, more waterfalls, just look sick really. 

Bella: Yeah I think anywhere on the West Coast they always say like “West is best” and you just see so much of the West Coast especially say, Perth up and just to see those places. To actually see it, you know, come to life in your own eyes, Not just Instagram, Facebook, books, and things like that. Just see it for yourself we’re just super excited to see all those colours. The red and red dirt meets the blue water, it’s gonna be really good

Do you travel with a pet, does it restrict you?

Bella: So we don’t travel with any pets.

Nathan: Nah, we don’t travel with any pets.

Bella: We don’t have a pet at all. Not even at home. Even at home, we just do too much on the weekends. We like to go away too much. A lot of people do. We met some amazing people with dogs on the trip. But for us, it just isn’t something…

Nathan: Well yeah, we’ll get a dog one day. But just not at the moment.

Bella: And it doesn’t restrict us. We have no restrictions. We’ve got a full drive. Literally, nothing restricts us which is really good.

Any scary or funny moments on the road?

Bella: A scary story, so we actually haven’t had many scary stories. I think one scary story and a few like, just thing after thing after thing after thing shit moments that were just totally laughable at the end. But I think first of all like our scary story was we were in Territory and we’d say just outside of Kakadu National Park. So we’re crossing over to Kakadu the next day and you’ve got to actually have a pass for a certain date so we couldn’t get in any earlier.

There was a free camp so we pulled up off like, well off the road. Secluded little dirt road and it was probably one of our first ones where there was no one around and we had no phone service. I mean normally that doesn’t worry us but it was probably, I don’t know, late at night.

We were watching a movie in bed and all of a sudden, we heard this really loud noise. So we’ve turned it off and there’s like a truck. A tow truck. We didn’t really know what it was at the time and it’s pulled up right in front of the car like, you know, even the truck that we were camping on, we’re well off the track in this, you know, just well off, so no one could easily find us.

Anyway, this towtruck comes right in front of the car and I wrote this we were just stunned. We were just like “What’s going on?”  Sat there just idling for a while. No one said anything. No one got out. And then it took off and then I was a bit over the top and I said “Nathan do you want to hear my scenario?” So I’m instantly thinking of all these terrible scenarios and he’s like “Oh yeah right.” So then I’m like “Oh, they’ve stopped.

Someone’s gotten out further down, they’re going to come back in 15 half an hour’s time and meanwhile, someone’s killed us and they’re going to come to steal our car and just no one’s ever going to know because there’s no phone service so we can’t SOS someone help us.” And no no no, Nathan’s just like “No don’t worry about it it’s all good.” So then we’ve gone back and we’ve like calmed down. Hearts stopped racing and we’ve gone back to watching our movie. And no kid like fifteen, twenty minutes later, the tow truck is back and my heart has leapt out of my throat.

Nathan: Well it didn’t really come back sort of hear it coming. You could hear it coming and it sounded the same. It was coming back but it pulled up, like, up the road a bit further

Bella: You could just hear it. It was close and it was coming back and you could just because nothing was around it was a quiet road so you could hear when something was coming and it pulled up, not in front of us, but just here like Nathan said just a bit further down the road and you could hear the chains coming out of the towtruck. And we have, both of us, not even just me, both of us have freaked out. So anyway, 

Nathan: We’ve worked out that it was probably looking for another car that was broken down because you can hear them dragging it on.

Bella: Yeah and then talking up the road. But you know, like you’re in the middle of nowhere, we haven’t really camped alone with no service, it was just freaky. Then we haven’t had any scary, other scary encounters. And that’s actually only scary because I made it scary. All these hectic thoughts go through my mind, and if it wasn’t for that, then there’s no other scary story. Nothing bad has happened to us. Which is good! Fingers crossed.    

Tell us about the item you can’t live without

Nathan: I reckon, the coffee, espresso, mini espresso-maker that we bought in, where did we buy that?

portable minipresso - Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap Bella: Darwin. And the Jetboil

Nathan: And the Jetboil. We love our iced coffees and we made a pact especially like this second half of the trip not to, try not to buy as much takeaway coffee which is saving us every dollarJetboil - Budget Tips To Fund Your Big Lap

Bella: Yeah we’re a sucker for a nice latte.

Nathan: So yeah, we use it pretty much every day to make a decent coffee. We just find we get coffee from somewhere that we like in the local area, get some coffee grounds.

Bella: Yeah and that’s still supporting the local area. We just buy some local coffee grounds and but then it’s good. You can pull up anywhere and make a cup on the side of the road. A hot tea of coffee.

Nathan: Yeah it saves us a fair bit of dollars in the end and it’s tasty. 

Tell us how you fund your Big Lap and budget – did you save before you left? Do you work on the road?

Bella: In all honesty, we only really decided we’re going to do the whole lap, probably three months before we left. So we’d already planned to do six weeks with our friends and we had our setup the exact same

Nathan: I had a long service leave.

Bella: Yeah but like our setup was already set up a year or more beforehand because we do lots of trips when we’re home. So there was nothing more we had to do. We bought four new tires or something before we left and there weren’t big expenses before we left to do anything before the setup. So really it literally was just one afternoon at home. There were a few things stopping us, our house is rented out and things like that and a few things fell into place and then we decided to go so one afternoon we’re like okay we’ll go to work tomorrow and give our notice. Called our parents, and told our parents, but apart from that, it’s literally we’ve just saved and unintentional savings. 

Nathan: We’ve always had savings 

Bella: We’ve always just saved and not even for anything and obviously this was the one thing we saved for in the end. So saving was a big thing and then we timed it actually, originally for our six-week trip and then obviously continued. It was Nathan that got his long service leave so he was due at the end of July, so from the first of August we could take that so that’s when we left.

So it was good we literally paid out Nathan’s long service and then I had a lot of holiday leave so I’ve got that paid in half-time, each week. And yeah I think we were paid through until the end of October, the start of November which was really good. I mean that’s literally like having a job that we didn’t work for two months. So I don’t know where we would be if we didn’t have that so that’s a big thing. That’s a really really big thing. And then we went home at Christmas so we worked for three,

Nathan: Months

Bella: Yeah or three weeks or so, mainly seeing family but yeah chopped it up a little bit but in the end, I think it almost just broke even what we spent when we were home visiting everybody. And then we have come back out and we’ve actually pulled up so we’re at Yallingup at the moment in the caravan park that we’re staying in but we’re also working here. So we’ve got three more shifts left actually and the main reason we actually pulled up was the school holidays here and everything already is so booked out.

Nathan: So busy

Bella: So we thought if we could find somewhere that someone’s got work, we’ll work so I put a post up on the local community board and yeah, first thing Tian from here messaged me and we were literally here in two days. 

Nathan: We’ve been here for like four weeks now. 

Bella: Basically just for the month of April we pulled up, did some work and then we’ll be on our way so we won’t have to work now for the rest of the trip until we get home. So yeah being home by August of this year so really only got like three months left I think which is, everything has gone so quickly. So yeah, saved, timed it really well with long service leave and holiday pay

Nathan: Working for a bit.

Bella: Yeah but also working for a bit but just being money-smart. I think like, you know, us having a fifty-dollar coffee machine that we have, we’re not buying our sliders every day, you know, between ten, fifteen, sixteen dollars that we’re not spending every time we’re stopped somewhere is a really big help like God that literally would add up so much if we did just continue to spend. And we have, we’ve stuck to it we haven’t really bought coffee out.

Nathan: No, maybe a couple of times.

Bella: I think we’ve been out for breakfast and then we’ve had a coffee then.

Nathan: But yeah, as long as you’re smart with your money. Yeah, we spend stuff when we want to spend stuff, but we just don’t spend willy-nilly.

Bella: Yeah, definitely.

How much do you spend and what is your biggest expense?

Nathan: It’s hard to say at the moment. We keep track of everything. Bella’s got a diary with everything that we spend. Diesel, fuel, accommodation, food, and all sorts of stuff so we’ll work all of that out once we get home. I don’t know, rough guess like six, seven hundred bucks some weeks, some less, some more.

It just depends on how much travelling we’re doing. Same with the biggest expense, definitely diesel on the big weeks so we’re travelling a lot. It’s the biggest expense by far. And then some other weeks it could be food. It varies but most of the time it’s diesel, I’d say, is the biggest expense.  

Bella: Definitely always diesel. And yeah that’s what will push or drop our weekly expenditures is just how much we travel.

What has been your biggest splurge? Was it worth it?

Bella: We kind of, on a couple of things, and everyone splurges on something different so one of our splurges is through Darwin. As I said we met up with some friends and they had hammocks so we were at Litchfield and all week we’d set up somewhere at a waterfall and they were swinging in their hammocks and we were just so jealous.

We’re sitting on our towels on a rock or in the water or something. So we got back to Darwin, oh and they had a coffee machine so that’s what really, and then so it’s literally we got back to Darwin after being in Litchfield, went to the local camping stop, two hammocks and a coffee machine later. So that’s what we bought. I mean hell that would’ve probably been a hundred

Nathan: A hundred bucks

Bella: Probably like $150, and for us, that’s a splurge because we don’t spend a lot of money on things, you know. We had everything so for us that was like okay yeah we’ll do it. And we’ve used, God, I think we use the coffee machine nearly every day and our hammocks as much as we can. Apart from that the only other splurge again was in Darwin. Nathan really wanted to go to the casino because he heard that you can wear thongs in the Mindil Beach Casino even though you didn’t even wear your thongs.

Nathan: No because we went out.

Bella: Yeah so then we decided to have a night out in Darwin with our friends that we met and went to the casino. But yeah, drinks out the pub and yeah we don’t normally do that, or, but not on a big scale like we did that night. So that was a big splurge but it was a good night so yeah.

Is there anything you bought but don’t use as much as you thought or it wasn’t worth the money?

Nathan: We bought our Weber barbecue along on the first leg of the trip but due to room we had to put it on the roof. So we never really dragged it off I think we dragged it off once, to cook a birthday cake for Bella and once to cook a roast and that’s the only time we used it so when we went home for Christmas we ditched it, and left it at home. We just use our frying pan and stove really to cook.

Bella: Which we didn’t think would be the case because at home,

Nathan: We use our Weber all the time. 

Bella: We use it nearly every night. Any time we had something barbecued, we’d use it every night so it was a no-brainer that we were going to bring it, but I think just being up on the roof was just that.

Nathan: If our setup  was different and it was, yeah, accessible  

Bella: Maybe a fancy caravan and slide it out.

Nathan: It’d been used all the time. And probably our collapsible fire pit, like, we haven’t even used it yet. We’ve used the top of it once to cook some oysters. But yeah everywhere we’ve been there are either fire pits or you can’t have fires or you just have a fire on the ground. But it’s something we’ll keep in there because it doesn’t take up any room and it’ll be handy one day. 

Bella: And it was one of those things that so many people said to us, you have to have a fire pit you can’t travel if you don’t have a fire pit, you can’t get into places if you don’t have a fire pit, and so far that is not the case. We’ve even met other people right along the road that have done the same thing.

Bought a fire pit before they left and the same thing we’re on the same boat. We haven’t used it, there have been total fire bans. Our whole trip since leaving in January this year to now, we’ve had one fire just as we got into WA because we could. But still, all of these coastal towns everywhere are in a really bad fire ban.

Nathan: Now I think May, it’s like May so we should be alright have some beautiful roasts

Bella: Yeah and it is cold so it would be good to have a fire.

How were you affected by the lockdown?

Bella: So affected by lockdown and/or CoVID we haven’t been. At the very start of our trip when we were heading North with our friends, we were a couple of days out of Cairns and Cairns went into a snap three-day lockdown so basically, we just went up on the Tablelands and avoided the area. That’s the only lockdown and we weren’t even caught in it which was good.

Nathan: No, just had to avoid it.

Bella: We just had to avoid it, which sucked. We love Cairns, we’ve been to Cairns heaps of times. It would have been good to go with our friends but, I mean, I’d rather not go than be stuck. The only other thing really I think we’re just waiting for the WA border to open so we’re in South Australia and we’ve been there for nearly two months so we were kind of like “Oh is it, is it going to open the borders?”

We hadn’t gotten to the stage where we are going somewhere else. We were like “Oh we should probably start talking about it.” But then we just never did and then it opened so that was good. And it sucked for some of our friends that already made that decision to then go up through the centre. By the time they got up there and came back down it would be open, but we just, don’t plan a lot of things, which is not like us at home but we don’t plan a lot of things here. We just go with what, you know, how we feel. If you like the place, we’ll spend longer. If we don’t we’ll keep moving. So yeah, we’re just going to see but yeah, then it opened up.

We’re in Victor Harbour now, the guy was saying it told us so it was really awesome. It was like, all on from there. I was super excited to kickstart the rest or finish the rest of South Australia so we could get over to WA. Thankfully, no lockdowns. We haven’t been stuck anywhere, so that’s been good. And we haven’t had to quarantine and things like that which would be really difficult and it’s hard. A lot of friends have said it’s hard when they were coming into WA to quarantine, especially if you’re in a setup like ours because you can’t, and a lot of places won’t take you. So we’re just glad we haven’t had to do, to get into WA we had to do that or anything like that which we didn’t so that was really good.

What is your biggest tip to other big lappers?

Nathan: The biggest tip would be, I don’t know, If you’re thinking about doing a lap or a big trip or something, I don’t know, just do it! We sort of always wanted to do it. I don’t know to say scared but you just don’t take that leap to leave your job and

Bella: Yeah, that was the biggest leap for us, is leaving our full-time jobs and our house that we own and putting that on the market for someone to rent, they were just two really big things we’ve been so secure and everything at home.

Nathan: And it worked out well. Everything worked out and we jumped into it and it’s been so good. So if you’re thinking about it, and you’ve got the chance to do it, just do it. It’s so good. The best thing we’ve ever done I reckon. Yeah so sick.

Bella: I think another tip from me would be, I don’t know, just, it doesn’t have to be a lavish setup you know? We’ll show you our setup soon, Nathan made literally except for the frame of the canopy, Nathan made everything that’s inside. It has worked for that so like literally a couple of years we’ve had this setup and then tested time and time again and literally living out of it like full-time now for nine months. It’s been perfect. Nothing’s been broken, nothing’s had to change, and the packing, just pack what you need.

In our old setup, we used to have a campervan and a camper trailer and I had heaps of everything. I don’t even drink wine but I had wine glasses in there. I had like six plates like just so much stuff “Oh in case someone came over.” No one’s going to come, and if they come, they’re going to bring their own stuff. We’ll show you but we’ve got drawers and it’s just got a couple of plates. Two of everything. And I think another big thing is clothes. We have four of those, softboxes in their four little cube things you get from K-Mart and things. We’ve got four of those each but even then, we packed more clothes than we thought.

I called a heap of clothes and even then our friends were like “Oh you haven’t packed many” and then I was worried about it but you just wear the same things on repeat. And especially, I mean a lot of people will, but Nathan buys a lot of singlets like he’s got, oh okay we both, I’ve got an Uluru and Nathan’s got a Cape York, but you buy souvenirs along the way, and you want to wear those, you want to show those off rather than your random shirt from home so just pack light. It’s also going to help your weights for your car or your van, but just pack light. In the kitchen, in your clothes, in the stuff you bring.

Nathan: Yeah that’s it really.

Bella: That’s all the questions I think. Cool! Well, thanks so much for having us. It’s a real honour. It’s been awesome! We’ve been playing all our questions for a couple of days now and it’s good, it’s making us really reminisce on things and it’s crazy to think that we’ve been on the road for nine months now, and the places we’ve seen. Thanks so much, guys!


Bella: Alrighty, so here’s the big rig. This is the Hilux that we have so we’ve got some storage at the top. We keep some spare car parts in the rhino box and our snorkelling gear, got a Jerry as well. So this is our kitchen 

Nathan: Yeah this is the kitchen so obviously got a stand-up fridge. We did have like a chest fridge but changed our setup, probably six months before we left. I don’t know this just seems to work better. Friends of ours would run them and they reckon they’re good. Oh, and this it’s been so good. Probably one of the best things we’ve put in the car, really, I reckon. And then yeah the kitchen, so I made this box itself just out of plywood.

It’s nothing special but it does the job. Box it’s got drawers for our, all our cutlery and cups and pans and all that sort of stuff and just general bits and pieces and yeah it does the job. It works, it’s nothing to flash but yeah it’s good. Backbench which is probably a good thing that we’ve done two ways one of your mates fabbed (fabricated) this up for us and then we put it on right here and it’s been so good life is to cook on. 

Bella: It’s an absolute game-changer like before that, this is like,

Nathan: We cook here

Bella: Everything we did, we did everything on there and it was just like having all that extra space, we now constantly cook here, we’ve got a gas bottle mounted underneath and we cook on here. Just so much, so much space. So there’s the rooftop we have some latches at the back there for the ladder but when our awning wraps around we have latched on this side as well so we can actually get in from the side. 

Nathan: And then this side is a bit of a struggle at the moment but it’s pretty much just storage this side but I made this drawer myself as well. I’ve done everything here myself, pretty much. It’s obviously a mess but that’s just got all sorts of stuff in there, random stuff. And this side’s only got our chairs, table, fire pit, chainsaw, jet spare, water jerries fishing rods, all that sort of stuff. This is the stuff that we use a lot. And then yeah, obviously you’ve got a water tank underneath 60 litres. This side is clothes. So we’ve got, two of these, so one of these, these are back to back. So we’ve got four each and that’s pretty much enough I reckon, like, Bella’s obviously got way more than me but I’ve got heaps, I even saw her jumper in min, so. Yeah, it works well, it’s simple as well. Yeah, there’s not much to it really. Obviously, we pulled our backseats out for the trip. So yeah that’s worked out well. Aaaand shower awning. We don’t use this a lot really, hey like, a bit. Most of the time if we even, if we’re just by ourselves in the bush we just shower.

Bella: Yeah we set it up for the comfort of other people

Nathan: But yeah it works well.

Bella: And our toilet on the roof.

Nathan: Yeah toilet on the roof that we use a little bit. Not much but it’s good to have things be fully self-contained and stuff where you don’t have toilets.

Bella: we’ve got a couple of spare water jerries as well that we carry. In the end we almost, we never have to top up.

Nathan: Yeah there’s always water.

Bella: There’s always water, and we mainly just use the jerries for our shower. So this is the setup. We’ve got our Maxtrax, we used our Maxtrax once on the trip but obviously, if we didn’t have them then, there would be dramas and we would probably need them. We don’t have a winch so Maxtrax was definitely a cheaper alternative for us. Believe it or not, our rooftop it’s a Murray top and it was pitch black so it was black with orange trim and now it is like light grey.

Nathan: But it’s still good.

Bella: It’s still good, you can zip up all the windows and it will literally be pitch black on the inside so you won’t, it’s hard to know day and night except for the birds. We have our table out at the moment which we don’t normally do, I mean we’re set up here for a month while we’ve been working

Nathan: Even though you’ve got this and that, we just have our chairs normally.

Bella: And even at home we’re on the couch so yeah, but we have the table out just for something new. Another awesome thing that we love is I’ve got all these stickers on the car so I’ve got a little sprocket, but also this. So this is it tracks our trip. So I started off here at home on the coast and we went up to Cape York with our friends, back down across the Territory, and then all up through Darwin.

You can see we just nipped into Kununurra up here to see some of my cousins, then back down the centre into Uluru, South Australia so this is where we then kind of cut across to come home, and then you can see like on the bottom right-hand side we’ve kind of come back. So we wanted to kind of go back through South Australia to see my cousins up near the Queensland border but there’s lots of flooding so we end up coming down through New South Wales across into Victoria and into South Australia.

So this is what we’ve been then doing our last since January, our last four or five months. So basically the bottom end of South Australia, all the way across, literally all up and down the coastline across the Nullarbor into WA which is where we are now. This has been a really awesome thing to have, everyone always comments on it and it’s one of those things that they say we can re-stick it when we get home so you can stick it into something else so that’ll be awesome to track our trip! 

Nathan: That’s it 

Bella: That’s everything, that’s our setup, that’s our life, that’s our home. Everything. Nathan takes a golf club everywhere just to, not even for protection, we don’t have anything for protection but just to hit some golf balls so yeah! Thanks again, everybody! Bye!

Bella: Hey guys I don’t know if you wanted to see the pantry, so if so, this is the pantry. So in the back there we’ve got the corflute from the back of our clothes boxes, and in the top right-hand corner, you’ve got Patrick who is our car mascot, but this is it, just one of those cube things again on its side, on its back and that’s what we do. We’ve got a couple of tubs underneath that we have camera gear and all sorts of, I don’t know, things, books, and stuff this top here is always emptied.

We emptied it on our first leg of the trip, and then I started filling it again. Just got things, where we go, things we collect, shells, rocks. I do a diary, well not really a diary, I’m not a dear diary kind of person but just a recap of what we do in our day so that’s in there, but yeah. That’s just our simple pantry. Nathan made, we took our back seats out, Nathan made this flooring. It doesn’t have to be lavish, or expensive, just whatever works. It works fine for us so, yeah, thanks!

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