9 Fantastic Places To Find All Your Camping Necessities For Your Big Lap

by Rose Foster

When it comes to preparing for your Big Lap, there are some things you absolutely must ensure you have on your packing list. It’s not just about making sure you pack the right clothes for all the seasons you’ll be travelling through… there are so many necessities your car and van need as well. From generators to solar systems to cleaning products for your van, the list is extensive!

You might be feeling a tad overwhelmed when you think about everything you have to pack for your Big Lap. After all, your local camping stores might not have everything you need. And if they do, you might end up paying double the price! If this is you, don’t worry, because we have some fantastic suggestions of where you will find the best quality products that are also reasonably priced.

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1. Eco Traveller

This online store specialises in toilet cleaner that is appropriate to use on all caravans and motorhomes. Specifically designed to assist in odour control and the break down of waste materials, Eco Traveller’s products are a favourite amongst many Big Lappers. You’re guaranteed to have one shiny clean toilet after using this stuff!

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2. Caravan RV Camping

As the name suggests, this online store offers everything you could possibly dream of for caravans and camping. From appliances, such as fridges and air conditioners, to accessories for your caravan’s kitchen to portable toilets, you can buy everything you need in the one place. Caravan RV Camping has quality, trustworthy brands that also have reasonable prices.

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3. My Generator

Don’t worry, you won’t only find generators for sale at this online store, so if you’re not looking for one, you can still greatly benefit from buying here. My Generator specialises in a range of camping appliances, such as fridges, solar panels, portable toilets, and much more. They also stock a range of accessories for your caravan, such as sinks and taps, and awnings, for example. You’ll find yourself spending copious amounts of time scouring through this online store as you find product after product you just have to have!

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4. Red Dog Campers

Located on the Gold Coast, these camping specialists provide a range of services to upgrade and repair your caravan. Amongst their specialities of modifications and repairs, installing solar systems is one of the most used services. Red Dog Campers can offer you expert advice on which solar system is best for you and your vehicle to ensure you gain the most out of the experience.

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5. Bilby Bags

Another online store that has a range of camping products, Bilby Bags stocks quality products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. They have a range of clothing options for men and women, including both summer and winter clothes. You can also purchase bags, sleeping bags, and clothing accessories, such as beanies.

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6. Zorali

This online store also offers clothing for men and women as well as a range of other camping products. Unlike other camping clothes stores though, Zorali has a focus on sustainability. Their clothing is made from completely sustainable materials that boast stylish designs – so even though you’re camping, you still look good for all those Instagram photos! You can also purchase a range of bags and backpacks, coffee gear, camping goods, and drinkware.

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7. Adventure Co

This online store should definitely be your go-to for all clothing, footwear and camping gear. They quite literally have it all – even instant food for the hikers out there! They offer clothes and footwear for men, women and kids to suit all sorts of climates and terrains. Not only do they offer camping and hiking gear, but they also have a range of products for all the avid rock climbers out there, as well as first aid supplies.

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8. On Tap Products

For a portable water tank, look no further than On Tap Products! They specialise in water tanks that are easily convertible so you can use them for anything – it doubles as a portable shower as well as a tap for washing dishes. Constructed from durable materials, you can be assured this water tank can withstand everything!

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9. Ranger Outdoors

If you’re looking to do some fishing on your Big Lap and want one place to buy everything you’ll need camping and fishing wise, Ranger Outdoors is the place for you! They have everything you could possibly want, from fishing rods to tents to fridges.

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