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20 Caravan Laundry Products You Need For Washing Your Clothes on The Road

by Meri Gasem

The beauty of caravanning and free camping comes with the burden of washing your clothes by hand more often than ever. Of course, occasionally, you might stay at a caravan park with more amenities and do weeks’ worth of laundry in two days. But for all other moments, you need to get equipped with the best, most straightforward, and helpful laundry accessories. So we’ve prepared a list of products to make your washing and life easy!

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1. Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

The Scrubba wash bag is designed to resemble the old-fashioned washboards. It’s ideal for small to medium loads, flexible enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and weighs less than 140g. Of course, using public sinks for your undergarments is highly unhygienic; that’s why having a Scrubba bag on hand will get you covered. Simply add water, laundry detergent, and your clothes, seal, scrub for three minutes, and you’re done!

wash Bag

2. Box Sweden Delicates Hanging Dryer

Stop spending precious time looking for a proper place to hang your clothes. Instead, get your hands on this small, compact drying rack you can hang anywhere to dry your delicates in no time. Made of UV stabilised plastic that doesn’t degrade in the sun with a great design to allow for proper airflow, this will quickly become your go-to drying rack. In addition, the hanging clips secure your delicates in place, so the wind doesn’t stand a chance of blowing them away.

hanging clips

3. Box Sweden 24L Collapsible Laundry

We know space is precious when it comes to caravanning, so we have collapsible baskets for those keen on washing and rinsing the traditional way. This one from Box Sweden is large-sized, made of BPA free plastic. It saves your back, too; with the built-in drainage plug, you don’t have to lift it to empty it! It’s versatile, sturdy, easy to unfold and fold after you get the job done.


4. BMS 16L Collapsible Laundry Basket

Feel like the 24 litres is too big? Try the medium-sized, 16-litre collapsible basket by BMS. This one features handles for more convenient carrying, but don’t worry, they’re also collapsible. The basket itself is flexible, made from durable, break-resistant materials, and takes up minimal space in your caravan.

Laundry Basket

5. Foldable Camping Dryer Rack

Bulkier clothes can be tough to line around your camper. So invest in this foldable dryer rack to save space, time, and your clothes. It features a lightweight aluminium frame that makes it easy to carry and a simple installation. It’s versatile – you can use it indoors too. The base is wider, which makes it stable, and the three hands allow for enough space to hang your clothes. Once you unfold it, you can adjust it and secure it in place with locking plastic screw positions.

foldable dryer rack

6. Camco Laundry Reel

Want to airdry your clothes with minimum installation? Pick a laundry reel you can spread out under the trees at your camping spot and dry your clothes under the sun. It’s the most basic way of hanging your laundry, but it fits a lot of clothes! The Camco laundry reel is lightweight, compact, and comes with two hooks for easier mounting. Once your garments are dry, simply detach the hooks from the trees, and the reel folds back.

 Laundry Reel

7. VAN GO Expandable Laundry Bag

If you choose to use conventional washing machines and gather your dirty laundry throughout the week, we have something for you too. The Van Go expandable laundry bags are made of reinforced Nylon Ripstop that prevents any additional dirt or dust from finding its way to your laundry. They’re expandable, which means you can pack as little or as much as you need. The bags feature strong cord ties, reinforced seams, and a hanging handle for carrying large loads. In addition, the bags are machine washable on a cold cycle and hand printed for added fun!

 Laundry bag

8. Foldable Socks Drying Rack

This convenient foldable hanger is the best solution for airdrying your socks or other small garments. Made out of rust-resistant metal with firm grip clips and a flat head design, it’s built to last and serve you a long time. It’s wind-proof, so your socks won’t end pairless after a few loads. The handy hook design makes it easy to hang anywhere around your camping spot.

 foldable hanger

9. Sphere EcoSpin Portable Washer

Long travel means lots of loads to wash, so why not make it easier on your hands and get the Sphere EcoSpin Portable Washer. It’s an eco-friendly hand spin washer that can do a load of 2L in minutes! It is lightweight but sturdy, doesn’t require a power outlet, and uses less water than conventional washing machines. The best of all – it’s gentle on your clothes. We know you’re hitting the road with a limited wardrobe, so you’d like to keep those garments intact for as long as possible. You can spin-dry your clothes as well, so they’ll dry faster on the hangers.

washing machines

10. Leifheit Retractable 3-Line Clothes Dryer

The Leifheit Roflix Triple Wall Dryer is designed to save you space and make laundry drying easier, especially when you’re working with limited space in your camper. Attach the casing to one of your walls and extend how many lines you need to the opposite wall, secure it and hang your garments. There are three lines up to 15m long. After your load is dried, unhook the lines, and they automatically retract to the casing. The lines are PVC coated, making them easy to clean and keeping your laundry safe from dirt and dust.

3-Line Clothes Dryer

11. Bestier 3 Pack Clothes Storage Bag

We can never get enough storage bags, and these are one of the best ones for your caravan. Made of non-woven, odourless fabric, which promotes ventilation and see-through PVC sides. These bags feature a reinforced handle and seams, which double the already large 90L load-bearing capacity. They’re soft and easy to fold away when not in use.

 Pack Clothes Storage Bag

12. Brabantia Clothes Peg Bag with Clip

Do you feel stuck in a circle of constantly buying pegs and never having enough? This peg bag is the greatest storage solution for your pegs! It’s made of durable materials with a closing cord to keep them safe. You can fit up to 150 clothing pegs in the bag, which can be attached anywhere thanks to the Karabiner clip.

peg bag with clip

13. Caravaning with Kids Pegless Clothesline

Not keen on pegs? Caravaning with Kids has a revolutionary new way to hang your clothes wherever you are. It’s Australian made and features 24 slots. Assemble the 2m long pegless line and slide your laundry into the slots. It fits garments of any size, so it’s ideal if you’re travelling with your whole family.

Pegless Clothesline

14. CamCo Laundry Detergent Drop-Ins

When it comes to laundry detergents and camping, you need something biodegradable, easy to use, and mess-free. The Camco Laundry Detergent Drop-Ins are precisely that. They are eco-friendly, have no added fragrance or dyes, and are colour safe. The bast part- they dissolve in any temperature water!

laundry detergents

15. CamCo Folding Ironing Board

Ironing in a caravan is simply put overwhelming. Carrying your actual size ironing board on the road takes up so much precious space. If you fancy ironed clothes, try the Camco Folding Ironing Board. Made out of wood with fabric cover, metal support, and wire, it’s practical and serves well. It comes with a carry bag and folds enough to fit in a cupboard!

Folding Ironing Board

16. Caravanning with Kids Dreambly Washing Sheets

Ding, your laundry has never been easier than with the Dreambly Laundry Washing Sheets. They take up no space, are 100% natural and biodegradable, and pack super-powerful stain combating properties. So wave goodbye to liquids spilled all over your camper. One sheet is enough for one full load of laundry, but you can cut half for smaller loads, which makes them budget-friendly!

Washing Sheets

17. Wall Mounted Iron and Board Holder

Safely store your iron and ironing board while on the road with the Dolphy Iron & Ironing Board Holder. It’s made from heat-resistant plastic, so there is no need to wait for your iron to cool off to hang it, and it’s easy to install. In addition, it’s universal, so it fits most irons and ironing boards. Don’t allow clutter into your caravan and get this smart, space-saving solution.

Ironing Board Holder

18. Overdoor Ironing Mate

Don’t like wall mounting? No problem, we have the even less complicated to install Overdoor Ironing Mate. Made out of coated steel wire, it’s strong enough to keep your ironing board and saves space. You’re clutter-free with minimal effort.

Overdoor Ironing Mate

19. Pocket Size Portable Sewing Kit

Accidents happen, and clothes rip, but that’s not the end of them. Get your hands on a travelling sewing kit for all the mishaps and ripped buttons that may occur. Our suggestion comes with a storage box and all the materials and tools you need for quick repairs.

travelling sewing kit

20. Ortega Multi-Purpose Mop & Broom Hanging Organiser

Clutter is your enemy when it comes to camping. To avoid sticking your brooms, mops, dusters and other large cleaning equipment behind your doors, get the Ortega Home Muli-Purpose Hanging Organiser. Made out of thermoplastic rubber, it can be wall-mounted and holds up to five items. In addition, it’s so durable that the manufacturer provides a year-long warranty!

 Multi-Purpose Mop

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