The Best UHFs For Travelling Australia

by Meri Gasem

Getting a UHF Radio is among the first purchases you need to make when setting up for your Big Lap. When wandering through parts of Australia with no connection, like the Outback, a UHF will have your back. It gives you a sense of security – even though you decided to go off the grid, you can get assistance with the push of a button. The choice is overwhelming, and choosing a reliable radio is vital. We’ve listed the best ones on the market currently, so you can decide which one suits your lifestyle and budget.

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1. XRS-330C Super Connect Compact Hideaway UHF

The Australian made XRS Connect UHF features a compact design, utmost flexibility and sturdy construction. In addition, XRS Connect includes a professional-grade microphone, a 2-watt speaker, an anti-glare OLED display and customizable buttons. This UHF comes with a smart app available for iOS and Android, that allows you access to the complete Australian registered analogue frequency database. The manufacturer strives to release at least one update per year, so its customers are up to date on the latest features and technology.

The XRS Connect is enabled by Bluetooth Smart Wireless technology. It’s controllable by the app, where you can create or share scan lists. You get this UHF with a 5-year warranty, and one additional year, if you download the XRS Connect App and register.

2. TX6160TP GME 5/1Watt Handheld UHF Radio – Twin Pack

TX6160TP is a premium UHF, featuring a class-leading 5-watt transmission power, an IP67 ingress protection rating for long reliable use even in the most challenging parts of Australia. The built-in LED torch is a convenient feature, as well as an extended battery life of up to 30 hours. In addition, TX6160TP comes with a full suite of accessories and a VOX hands-free mode to make it even more user-friendly.

This is a professional grade UHF for those who love to roam off the grid and need a reliable, handheld radio with a rugged design. You can find it in a twin pack, stand alone with or without the full suite of accessories.

3. Uniden UH8080S UHF CB Radio

Uniden is a well-established brand in the UHF industry, and the UH8080S is one of their latest products. It’s designed to endure the harsh conditions of the Australian outback for both professionals and adventurers. The UH8080S is a remote head with a large LCD that you can mount on your dashboard. It features an Instant Replay option that allows you to record and replay recently received signals for up to a minute. This guarantees that you won’t miss any crucial transmissions.

What’s new in this product from Uniden compared to their older versions is the Master Scan. It ensures minimal interruptions for constant communication. This premium feature also has Dynamic Switching, allowing users to retain consistent communication by changing over to unused channels. When the radio catches a signal with no code or an incorrect code, it switches to an available channel.

The UH8080S comes with 100 additional receive-only channels, while the Bearcat Engine allows you to scan to unencrypt emergency frequencies.

4. Uniden UH850S-DLX Waterproof UHF CB Handheld Radio

UH850S-DLX is another gem from Uniden. It’s essentially their UH850S with additional car-kit accessories. It comes with an extended battery life of an astonishing 39 hours and a large 2850mAh capacity battery, car-kit charger and a portable antenna that can be mounted on top of your car for an extended range.

The UH850S-DLX features a 5-watt power and delivers up to 17km of range. It’s the ideal unit for professionals who need reliable support in harsh conditions and travellers that are eager to go off the grid. This model also comes with the Master Scan feature and a waterproof design.

With four different audio level settings, you can be sure to get voice enhancement when needed for more clarity and better performance. In addition, the Smart Key feature allows you to switch between options, depending on your needs.

5. Oricom UHF5500 UHF CB Radio – Twin Pack

Oricom UHF5500-2 comes with a rugged design, competitive price and a plethora of features. It’s an excellent choice for travellers since it provides you with everything you’d need – 80 channels, an interference eliminator, and a backlit LCD display. Oricom back up the trust in their product with an extended 3-year warranty. The manufacturer takes pride in offering the best value for money with its channel scan, keypad lock, rotary volume control, and adjustable squelch.

You also get the option to use a headset or speaker microphone with the 2.5mm jack. In addition, Oricom claims an IP54 dust and splash resistant grade. This pack precisely includes twin UHF units with charging pods, two belt clips and wrist straps, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery of 1800mAh.

6. ICOM IC-410 PRO UHF Radio

The ICOM IC-410 Pro is a compact and robust UHF designed to withstand traversing through some of the extreme Australian territories. The block is made of die-cast aluminium and a heavy-duty heat sink that adds to the firm construction. The white backlit LCD display is easy to see, and the automatic repeater scan finds local repeaters quickly. Additionally, it comes with silent stand-by with CTCSS and Selcall.

Furthermore, this UHF comes with an Active Noise Cancel MIC, which reduces the back noise, especially at low frequency, allowing you clear communication. ICOM IC-410 Pro is made in Japan and comes with a 5-year warranty.

7. ICOM IC41 PRO UHF Hand Held Radio

IC-41 Pro is another product by ICOM that comes with a high IP67 waterproof and dustproof claim. It’s a slim, lightweight and high-performance UHF radio that features an extended battery life with 18 hours of operating. You get a rotary channel selector, squelch control, voice announcement of channel number, and VOX hands-free communication. It also has a jack outlet for an optional headset and built-in scrambler capability.

IC-41 Pro comes with 80 channels, up to 35 unique receive-only channels, repeater scan, in-range indicator, silent stand-by, and Selective Calling. The Automatic Transponder is another outstanding addition. It recognises when other ICOM CB transceivers received your call or are within range.

8. TX677TP GME UHF Transceiver – Twin Pack

The TX677 is our number one budget-friendly option for infrequent travellers. If you’re keen on exploring the urban sides of Australia, you don’t have to justify a lump sum for a UHF. However, you do need one, so you can purchase a more budget-friendly one. The TX677 with all you essentially need from a UHF radio; a rotary power and volume control, a USB charging system, a battery with 14 hours capacity, VOX, scan, backlit LCD display, etc.

The design doesn’t lack anything compared to the more expensive versions – it’s lightweight, with a flexible detachable antenna and compact design. In addition, this UHF radio comes with two years warranty, belt clips, a charging desk dock, and a 1600mAh Li-ion battery.

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