10 Best Zoos & Wildlife Centres To Visit On Your Big Lap

by Rose Foster

If you’re looking for a fun activity that will please kids and adults of all ages, look no further than the awesome zoos and wildlife centres across Australia. They’re a great way to get out of your van and do something fun. Plus, you could even make this an excursion day if you’re homeschooling your kids while on the road!

Make sure you’re respectful of the animals and obey all rules outlined to you by the staff of each zoo or wildlife centre you visit. Now grab your sunscreen, pop on a hat and get ready to hear about the best zoos and wildlife centres you have to visit on your Big Lap!

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1. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

You definitely want this one on your list if marine animals are your preference. This aquarium has all the marine animals you could dream of seeing – dugongs, sharks, tropical reef fish, penguins, stingrays, seahorses, turtles, and jellyfish (just to name a few). Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has a number of exhibits and interactive zones that allow you to get up close with their animals without endangering anyone. Choose from the Penguin Expedition, Shark Valley, Dugong Island or Discovery Rockpool (if you’re looking for something more interactive). These are just some of the incredible experiences you could have! Make sure you pop in while you’re in Sydney.

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2. Wildlife Sydney Zoo

If you’re more interested in land animals, Wildlife Sydney Zoo will be more suited to you. They have all the native Australian animals that everyone loves and adores, such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and crocodiles. You’ll have to chance to see these interesting creatures bounce around their enclosures, and, in some instances, you can even feed them! Check out Devil’s Den to get up close (as close as safety regulations allow) with Tasmanian devils. Or perhaps you’re more excited to see a cuddly koala lounge around in its eucalyptus tree… if so, make sure you take a look at Gumtree Valley. For the daredevils amongst us, you’ll definitely want to see Wildlife Sydney Zoo’s ‘Kakadu Gorge’ exhibit that allows you to come face to face with a massive crocodile! Whatever you choose, there’s an exhibit for everyone, guaranteeing a fun-filled day out!

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3. Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Heading inland in New South Wales but still wanting to have a fun day out at a zoo? Not to worry because Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo has so many awesome animals to see. Feed giraffes or spy a meercat dashing through its enclosure! Watch the elephants blow water from their trunks directly at each other – this one is sure to get a giggle out of young kids. A great thing about this zoo is the range of animals you can see. They have everything from the native Aussie koalas and kangaroos to tigers and rhinos! You can even take a guided tour and listen to the expert zookeepers tell you all about their animals.

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4. Wings Wildlife Park

Head to the very home of the Tassie devil when you visit Wings Wildlife Park in Gunns Plains, Tasmania. Not only do you get to see these adorable, yet also ferocious devils playing around, but you can also cuddle a koala or pat a wombat! While this might be a slightly smaller zoo, you certainly won’t be missing out on any of the action. Family-owned and operated, Wings Wildlife Park has that added touch of love from its animal-obsessed owners. They even give you the chance to snuggle up with baby animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and ducklings – what a treat for young kids!

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5. Crocosaurus Cove

Are you prepared to tackle the ‘Cage Of Death’? This one isn’t for the faint-hearted! You have to really love crocs, or even just be able to see them without running away in fear. Located in the heart of Darwin, Crocosaurus Cove is unlike any other zoo or wildlife centre you’ve ever been to. They give you the chance to actually get very very close to their saltwater crocodiles. In fact, the only thing separating you and the crocodile is the glass ‘cage’ you’re in. It’s all completely safe and there’s no chance that either you or the crocodiles could be harmed, but it’s definitely one for the thrill-seekers! If you’re not sold on the ‘Cage Of Death’, you can also watch the crocodiles from a safe distance on the viewing platform.

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6. Perth Wildlife Encounters

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Well, with Perth Wildlife Encounters, you can do just that! Take a swim in the beautiful deep-blue ocean with friendly dolphins darting around. An expert guide leads the dolphins through an epic underwater show where all you have to do is pop your wetsuit and snorkelling mask on and watch the show unfold. As dolphins are such social creatures, you can be assured that you’ll be safe and that this experience will be a fun-filled day for everyone!

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7. Ocean Park Aquarium

Situated on Shark Bay in Western Australia, Ocean Park Aquarium isn’t your usual aquarium. Instead of merely viewing the marine life from the other side of a tank, you can actually partake in a diving safari! Plunging into the depths of the ocean, you’ll come face to face with stingrays, fish, sharks and many more marine animals. Plus, you get the added benefit of viewing these animals in their natural habitat. You can even feed the sharks from a safe distance!

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8. Armadale Reptile Centre

Unlike other wildlife centres, Armadale Reptile Centre in Western Australia cares for a range of animals, though they specialise in reptiles, that are sick, injured or have been mistreated. They nurse these animals back to health and allow visitors to see them in a calm environment where they are safe from harm’s way. You won’t just be seeing snakes and lizards when you visit Armadale Reptile Centre; there are also birds, kangaroos, wombats, and possums!

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9. Serpentarium Wildlife Park

While you might be thinking that Serpentarium Wildlife Park in St. Helens, Tasmania, only has reptiles for you to see… well, you’re half right, but, they also have other animals such as birds and kangaroos that you can feed and observe. They specialise in exotic reptile species from snakes to lizards, but all their animals are treated with love and care.

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10. Posh Penguins

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close with penguins, well, Posh Penguins on Phillip Island in Victoria is the place to visit. They’ll take you on a tour that allows you to see the penguins arrive on the beach from a great vantage point on their viewing platforms. You’ll also get the chance to learn about koalas at the Koala Conservation Centre. Who wouldn’t love to see cute penguins and cuddly koalas all in one place!

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