7 Incredible Australia’s Golden Outback Experiences To Have On Your Big Lap

by Rose Foster

1. Wildflower Trail

This area of Australia is known for its flowers. In fact, Western Australia is home to the world’s largest collection of wildflowers, with over 12,000 flower species. Between July and November, it’s super easy to check out the region’s flowers with several wildflower trails you can follow, and an online wildflower tracker so you can keep up to date with what’s in bloom, where. 

Plus, there are a number of flower-based events in the region too. Wattle Week Festival and Esperance Wildflower Festival are just a couple.

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2. Beach Days

Although this region is a huge expanse of outback, it’s important not to forget the coast. And what a coastline it is! The beaches here offer some of the most pristine sand, clear water and beautiful views.

Cape Le Grande National Park offers breathtaking views and epic 4WD adventures. At Lucky Bay, you can froclick with kangaroos whilst you experience Australia’s whitest sand. And along the Great Ocean Drive, you’ll be floored by the ocean views.

For something a little different, why not take a cruise around the Recherche Archipelago?

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3. Epic Road Trip

This area boasts a number of different drives, all looping past awesome little towns or must-see attractions. Choose from The Heart of The Goldfields Trail, the Marradong Country Farms and Yarns Trail, The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail and more. And, of course, we can’t forget the start of the Nullarbor! 

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Nullarbor Links is an epic golf experience that even non-golf enthusiasts will enjoy. Over 1.365kms, this golf course has 1 hole in every participating town along this epic road trip.

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4. Historic, Arts & Culture Trails

With farming, pioneer and indigenous history this region educates as well as entertains. You can see remnants of history at every turn with historical architecture of country towns and centuries old rock art in the National Parks.

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5. Explore The Wheatbelt

The unique farming area of The Wheatbelt is rich with country life. Between farm stays, pioneer history, beautiful golden fields and abundant flora and fauna, this region is an incredible place to explore. See the famous Wave Rock, sample local produce and wine at outback wineries, head to see the Giant Ram and visit Wagin Historical Village Museum. 

Download the free Wheatbelt Way app before you go.

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6. Go For Gold

The story of Western Australia’s gold rush is still prevalent in the Kalgoorlie and Goldfields area. To get the most out of this region, you can follow the Golden Quest Discovery Trail where you can check out Lake Ballard’s salt plains, the ghost town at Gwalia and the Museum of the Goldfields. You can even go prospecting for gold either as a self-guided activity or at attractions such as Hannans North Tourist Mine. Once you get to Kalgoorlie, you can take the Super Pit Tour.

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7. Get Insta-Worthy Shots

Want that awesome shot for your insta? This region will give you hundreds of opportunities. Some of the best locations include Lake Hillier, Wave Rock, Ravensthorpe Silo, Australia’s own Stonehenge replica at Esperance, the Gormley Sculptures at Lake Ballard, Mt Augustus (Australia’s largest rock), Walga Rock Art and more. Not to mention the breathtaking natural vistas from the coast to the country.

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