11 of The Best Beaches In New South Wales To Visit During Your Big Lap

by Courtney Thomson

Ready to head the beach? Here are the best beaches in New South Wales to visit during your Big Lap…

1. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

Have you ever yearned to find the beach with the whitest sand in the world? Well look no further. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, Hyams Beach has the whitest sand ever, and when we say white, we mean white. Each step onto its soft sand is heaven on your feet. It is really amazing.

Hyams Beach is truly a tropical and mostly secluded paradise – which will this beach feel like your own private oasis. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy some great food and coffee at the Hyams Beach Café. 

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2. Main Beach, Byron Bay

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Byron Bay is renowned for its excellent surf and laid-back lifestyle. Main Beach is home to a variety of scenic delights with stunning views and waves that will make any surfer swoon. A perfect place for travelers of all ages, Main Beach is the true melting pot of cultures as travelers come from all over to watch the sun go down with a couple of drinks and a good conversation.

The lighthouse is another must-see on Main Beach, and the trek up to the lighthouse is more than worthwhile as it is Australia’s most eastern point – with spectacular views, of course.

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3. Seven Mile Beach, Gerroa

Seven Mile Beach is the gentle giant of all beaches – its secluded position allows for non-threatening swells and surf that are perfect for beginners. Untouched sand and natural greenery stretch out for as far as the eye can see, so don’t be surprised if the occasional kookaburra or ghost crab comes to pay a visit!

Nestled on the south coast of NSW in between Nowra and Kiama, Seven Mile Beach is perfect for a weekend getaway. 

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4. North and South Cronulla Beaches, Cronulla

The North and South Cronulla Beaches are some of the most accessible beaches in Sydney – and it’s a good thing too! This thriving hub is home to delectable cafes, restaurants and bars, and a scenic waterfront walk. So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to travel with the whole family, then look no further! 

The beaches themselves have good waves and are popular with surfers, but if you aren’t the most confident of swimmers, there are a few ocean pools perfect for a dip.

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5. Pebbly Beach, Murramarang National Park

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Pebbly Beach is much more than a pretty picture. Why? Well, this  beach is also one of the most popular places to spot Eastern Grey kangaroos in New South Wales. Sometimes these humble creatures will even allow you to get up close, have a pat, maybe even a selfie (if you’re lucky)–  it really doesn’t get more Aussie than that.

There are bush walks and campgrounds at the beach, perfect for immersing yourself into the true beach-life experience.

Anyone fancy waking up to the sound of soothing waves?

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6. Murray Beach, Jervis Bay

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What’s the point of going to a beach without diving into its glassy waters and tasting its rich marine life? Well, not to fear, Murray Beach provides all of that and more! 

Known as the jewel in the Booderee National Park, you will no doubt enjoy the various low tide walks, giving you a snippet of the culture and history of this fantastic beach.

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7. Anna Bay, Port Stephens

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Now, we’ve talked about kangaroos and stunning views – but what Anna Bay offers is something out of an adventure book!

Here you’re free to explore. So, hop into a 4WD and cruise by the enormous sand dunes that are scattered across the beach. If you want to be even more daring, try your hand at dune surfing. Wait til your friends hear about this place!

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8. Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

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Calm and quiet, Wategos Beach is the perfect place to travel when you’re itching to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Just a short walk from the famous Byron Bay beach, Wategos provides calmer turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming. Not only this, but Wategos Beach is also only a stone’s throw away from the iconic lighthouse where you’ll find the incredible view of the sunset. 

What are you waiting for? Can’t you hear the gentle lapping waves calling your name?

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9. Palm Beach, Sydney

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Sydney’s Palm Beach is often considered one of Australia’s most famous beaches – and that is for good reason! The surf here is absolutely amazing for you surfing-enthusiasts, and the views are more than breath-taking – they’re mind-boggling!

That’s not all. Tourists not only flock here for the picturesque views and amazing surf, but also for the incredible food they serve at the famous Boat House.

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10. Shelly Beach, Sydney

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Shelly Beach has it all: pristine waters that are perfect for snorkelling; gorgeous views; a buzzing atmosphere!

Many flock here from across Sydney for its sparkling-blue waters alone. And this will be amongst your strangest and most wonderful adventures yet, as it is only accessible by ferry or short coastal walk…or, if you prefer, by ocean swim. Take your pick!

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11. Bondi Beach, Sydney

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Everyone has heard of Bondi Beach. And this beach didn’t rack up its popularity for just anything!

At this world-famous beach you can find beautiful stretches of fine sand; delectable fish and chips; whale-watching trips; amazing surf; fun activities for the kids; vibrant cafés and bars – are we missing anything? Oh yes, and staggering sunsets. 

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