This Australian Town Is Being Dubbed The “New Bali”

by Rose Foster

International travel is off the cards and will be for some time now. While this is disappointing for some, many Aussies are making the most of the situation by celebrating all that Australia has to offer.

There’s one place in particular that has become a very popular destination for Aussies – Alice Springs! Yes, that’s right, Alice Springs is now being considered the “new Bali” by many Australians.

According to a new report by travel company Skyscanner, Alice Springs is now amongst the top three most popular travel destinations in Australia, with many looking to spend their winter vacation there.




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It seems like an unlikely destination, especially with all the normally popular places to visit, such as Cairns and the Whitsundays.

While it may be ranking third now, it may not take long before Alice Springs and other popular Northern Territory destinations, such as Darwin, take the top spots.




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And while haggling with the locals and endless cheap massages aren’t on the cards, there are plenty of incredible experiences to be had in the Red Centre.

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