8 Incredible Yorke Peninsula Experiences To Have On Your Big Lap

by Rose Foster

1. Book a charter

An area famous for fishing, it’d be a crime not to drop a line on your visit to Yorke. Try your luck for Australian salmon, Blue Swimmer crab, Southern Rock lobster and whiting. A range of charter companies offer day and weekend trips, many of which work out of Point Turton and Edithburgh. 

If you’d rather guide yourself, you really can’t go wrong – pretty much every jetty, beach and bay around here is someone’s ‘secret spot’. You can head to the Yorke Peninsula council website and they have a handy fishing guide you can download.

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2. Have a tipple

The township of Minlaton calls itself ‘the barley capital of the world’, and at Watsacowie Brewing Co you can put that claim to the test. Sunny Hill Distillery, meanwhile, aims to put you in good spirits with their range of gins, vodkas and liqueurs.

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3. Go nature hunting

Innes National Park is replete with native fauna, from kangaroos to the criminally cute western pygmy possum, but the most famous residents are probably the emus. These big birds aren’t overly fussed by the presence of visitors and are often followed by a gaggle of chicks over the summer months.
There’s also Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park and Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary which are great areas to explore for wildlife and marine life spotting adventures.

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4. Hang ten

The unique shape and position of the Yorke Peninsula mean that it offers a fantastic variety of beaches, some perfectly still, others with constant and quite imposing waves. South Australian surfers gravitate to Marion Bay, Corny Point, and a handful of beaches within the boundaries of Innes, including Chinaman’s, Ethel Wreck and Pondalowie Bay.

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5. Explore the salt lakes

Not every Yorke Peninsula treasure is found on the coast. In the area around Yorketown, there are 100 saltwater lakes, each of which has its own barren, desolate and perfectly photographable aesthetic. Cruise around the area and capture some moody shots – if you’re lucky and the light is just right, these lakes can give off stunning pink hues.

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6. Sail the open seas

Sailing is a big deal around these parts, with the Saltwater Classic – an annual boating event – attracting sailors from around the country. If you’re keen to give the sport a go yourself, head to Port Vincent and either hire a boat or get some lessons from a seasoned pro.

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7. Embrace The Peninsula’s Heritage

This region brings together Aboriginal traditions with pioneer history, weaving together their stories to build what you now see as the Peninsula. Nearly every town in this region has a museum at which you’ll discover the rich history of the region. Try Moonta Mines Museum, Edithburgh Museum or Port Victoria Maritime Museum.

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8. Explore The Waters

Yorke Peninsula is home to some incredible snorkel and dive sites. Head to Edithburgh Jetty to see the famous leafy sea dragons or big-belly seahorses. Check out the calm waters of Parsons Beach Reef, a great spot for beginner snorkelers. If you’re an experienced diver or have a guide, the Instigator Shipwreck Trail provides amazing wreck-diving. It can be treacherous so caution is advised.

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