8 Incredible Limestone Coast Experiences To Have On Your Big Lap

by Georgi Munro

1. Go Underground

This part of the country is rich with underground natural wonders. Naracoorte is very well known for its caves and with a variety of tours on offer they are suitable for all ages. These caves are one of the world’s most significant fossil sites. You can also check out Tantanoola Caves with its intricate cavern of shells and seal bones (plus it’s one of Australia’s few wheelchairs accessible caves). Engelbrecht Cave is worth a visit too, especially if you’re into cave diving.

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2. Sink Into A Sinkhole

As well as the natural caves, Limestone Coast has a number of sinkholes that are probably more interesting to visit than they sound on face value! Umpherston Sinkhole is known as the sunken garden and is a lovely place to spend an afternoon. It is open to the public 24 hours a day and you can feed possums at night. If you like your sinkholes with a little more water, Kirkby Sinkhole is one of the world’s best sinkhole dive sites (you can snorkel with a guide too). Little Blue Lake is a natural water-filled sinkhole located just out of Mount Gambier, with a pontoon and stairs to make it a safe public swimming spot during the summer months.

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3. Swim In A Pond

From one unique swimming spot to another. At both Ewens Ponds Conservation Area and Piccaninnie Ponds you can snorkel through crystal clear waters teeming with freshwater aquatic life. At Piccaninnie you can explore the incredible underwater caves whereas at Ewens, you can expect visibility of up to 80m!

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4. Check Out The Jetties

Yes, the Limestone Coast is abundant with jetties, and they actually make for pretty good spots to spend some time. Have a bite to eat or cast a line at one of them and you won’t be disappointed. Beachport Jetty was once over 1.2km but now stands at 772 meters, the second longest Jetty in South Australia. The Jetty is located over Rivoli Bay with gorgeous aqua water tones, a beautiful spot for fishing, swimming and many other water sports. 
Robe Jetty actually has a secret camp spot right by it, and Port Mac Jetty is a great place to stop for lunch.

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5. Unique Animal Experiences

On the outskirts of the beautiful coastal town of Robe is the Humpalisous Camel Milk Farm. With hand selected camels from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands the Camel Farm is a must see. But that’s not all the area has to offer, animally speaking! Try Bordertown Wildlife Park, Echo Farm or Monarto Zoo, Australia’s largest open range zoo.

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6. Explore The Coast Differently

Limestone Coast has gorgeous coastal beaches and many spectacular views from the ground but why stop there? There are many ways you can see it from a different perspective. Take a joy flight over Robe, head to the top of Cape Jaffa Lighthouse for incredible Kingston SE views, or take a walk up to Centenary Tower in Mount Gambier for 360 degree views of the area.

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7. Transmutation

If you have a passion to save the world one plastic bottle at a time, stop into Transmutation Robe. The owner takes action and changes plastic waste into a product that can be used again while still being recyclable. Go ahead and educate yourself about recycling, reusing and reducing!

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8. Embrace Art, History and Culture

From art galleries to museums and all the historical sites in between, the Limestone Coast is a melting pot of cultural experiences.  At The Sheep’s Back Museum and The Old Wool and Store Grain Museum, you’ll discover how the wool industry developed and experience the old buildings from the early settlers. The Riddoch Arts and Culture Centre has something the whole family will love. And The Ant Trail will have you spotting tree sculptures across a number of different towns.

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