Best Events In Tasmania You Won’t Want To Miss

by Rose Foster

Taste of Tasmania

These are the absolute best events in Tasmania that you DO NOT want to miss. With tons of festivals and exhibitions for everyone to enjoy, you’ll want to be knocking these off your list once you embark on your Big Lap of Australia.

1. Agfest – Carrick

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Give your business the opportunity to thrive at Agfest, the multi-award winning event that showcases business products to thousands of people.

Displaying a range of agricultural products and machinery, Agfest has been operating for over 37 years. It is a great fundraiser for the Tasmanian economy, with it being recognized as one of the top 3 field day events in Australia.

Spend the sunny day roaming through the stalls, discovering new items and machinery you would otherwise have never seen before. If you’re a farm-lover, this one’s for you.

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2. Dark Mofo – South

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3. Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival 

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The Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival is the place that memories are made of. Willie Smith’s Apple Shed has partnered up with locals to throw a massive festival that celebrates Huon Valley’s apple-picking history. With craft ciders, locally-sourced lunches, and plenty of space to sit and chat, we can assure you the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival will only make cherished memories.

Get yourself a taste of history with the festival’s focus on age-old traditions, like wassailing: scaring evil spirits from the orchard in order to bring on a bumper crop.

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4. Devonport Jazz Festival – Devonport

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The Devonport Jazz Festival features a brilliant pool of talent from Tasmania, Australia, and abroad. Listen to all genres of jazz in a great diversity of venues, with musicians and audiences from all ages. 

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5. Chocolate Winterfest – Latrobe

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Okay, listen closely. Chocolate. Festival. Put them together – you’ve got the Chocolate Winterfest.

Oh. My. God.

Held in the beautiful island of Tasmania, Chocolate Winterfest is situated at Latrobe, just a 10 minute drive from Devonport. Immerse yourself in the ultimate chocolate experience. Chocolate Winterfest’s key aims are to indulge, inform, astound, and amuse, but above all, celebrate chocolate as you escape from the bleakness of winter.

Already booking your trip? Yeah, we figured you would once we mentioned chocolate. Don’t be ashamed. Embrace your love for chocolate! It is no coincidence that the Latin name for cocoa translates as “food of the gods”.

Get yourself a bit of holy food.

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6. Junction Arts Festival – Launceston

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Junction Arts Festival (Junction) exists to bring quality arts and cultural experiences to Launceston. Held in the first week of September, this extraordinary art experience brings in a taste of culture in the most unusual and exciting spaces. In 2020, Junction celebrates its 10th anniversary with a 9-year tradition of developing, commissioning and presenting participatory and community engaged contemporary artwork. 

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7. Festival of Voices – Hobart

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Singing around the campfire, listening to the chant of people joining together to a sing along. The night air, cool, crisp, with the blazing fire guiding the warmth.

In a nutshell, that is what the Festival of Voices (FoV) is all about. Tasmania’s original marquee winter event, it begun in 2004 as the solution to keeping Hobart alive during winter. It is Australia’s premiere celebration of the voice.

A bonfire is lit in the middle of the city, and thousands of people flock here to join together. There’s no other experience like it. The only way to find out is to go.

With around 30,000 visitors over a two-week period, this festival is a must-see. Like, seriously. You HAVE to go.

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8. Beaker Street@TMAG – Hobart

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Do you have an interest in science? Or education in general? You’ve come to the right place.

Every August for the Beaker Street festival, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and some of Hobart’s most iconic spaces, are turned into a scientific wonderland for adults. They host events, workshops, talks, discussions, and create interactive spaces where everyone is invited to participate in scientific discovery.

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9. The Unconformity – Queenstown

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At the centre of Tasmania’s 19th-century mining boom, Queenstown possesses a certain something that always leaves visitors gaping round in wonder. With hints of an opulent past, this town attracted many wealth seekers from all over the world due to its abundance of minerals in the surrounding hills. The landscape is now permanently scarred by the greed, but as you step into its territory, there is an almost alien-like quality that is exciting to feel.

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10. Tasmanian Craft Fair – Deloraine

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As Australia’s largest working craft fair with art and craft, it is no wonder the Tasmanian Craft Fair draws thousands of people to its stalls every year. With gourmet food, entertainment and children’s activities spread over 8 venues and 6 galleries, there is something for everyone here. Over 230 exhibitors display their finest wares and share their techniques in this annual event. The Tasmanian Craft Fair is a not-for-profit event run by the Rotary Club of Deloraine.

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