Jayco Journey Outback and Landcruiser

Jayco Journey Outback – Tour, Review and Extras

Jayco Journey Outback - Tour, Review and Extras - Big Lap Set-Up Tours

by Chrissie Caballero

Traveller Profile

  • Names: Bianca and Simon

  • Instagram: @outbackinfront

  • Car: Landcruiser Thunder Series

  • Van: Jayco Journey Outback

It’s always a tedious task looking for a great caravan to use for your Aussie Big Lap. Tired of looking at hundreds of video content and reading long reviews without showing much of the main areas you just need to see? You must’ve asked yourself, how difficult is it to find that one review giving you details that you most certainly need to consider when searching for THE caravan.

Worry no more, as this video shows you some great highlights of the Jayco Journey Outback. The features that you can incorporate on your caravan and storage tips and where to buy them.

Bianca and Simon from Instagram @outbackinfront give us a quick tour of their caravan held by their Landcruiser Thunderbird series. Check out the modifications they’ve made and how it’s most suited for their family of three.

Their main area’s best feature is this modified day and night bed-turned dining table. Whether you want to study, prep your food, sleep, or relax as you watch a movie, converting this from a bed into a lounge room, into a dining room, is such a great multi-purpose hack for family tours.

Club Lounge

Club Lounge

Dining Area

Dining Area

Talking about caravans, is there such a thing as too much storage space? Make sure to stay organised from the bedroom to your dining and kitchen area, and transform cluttered cabinets, linen closets, spice racks, and more into systematized joy. From plain Kmart storage containers, Bianca personalised and kept their things looking tidy and creative through label-printing their names using a Dymo label.

Storage Containers from Kmart with labels made by Dymo Label Maker

Storage Containers from Kmart with labels made by Dymo Label Maker

kitchen drawer, spice, medicines

Plant-lovers wanting to bring some outdoors in can do so with this adjustable open shelf from IKEA. But don’t stop there, from pens to plants, there’s quite a number of things and areas you can use them for.

Ikea Open Shelf - plant pots

Ikea Open Shelf – used as plant pots

To ensure privacy whenever you need it, you can also put a curtain to make your open floor plan divided into two separate spaces like what Bianca and Simon did on their caravan.

BedroomClub Lounge, Dining Area

Bringing your dream into reality and customising your van to work for your needs really doesn’t have to be that hard. Just write down what do you need the most, your budget, and how you decide to live in it. If you need more ideas on how to spruce up your van, check this link to know the most popular caravan essentials for 2021.

Quick thoughts on this video, Australia-based Jayco Caravan will give you beautiful interiors, customization availability and unbeatable value for money.

Did their review help you decide? Comment down below your thoughts and experiences.

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