7 Incredible Tasmania North and West Coast Experiences To Have On Your Big Lap

by Rose Foster

1. Explore Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s must-sees. No matter your fitness level you can experience the epic wilderness of the mountain as there are a couple of hikes you can take and even free shuttle buses. Start at the Cradle boardwalk and do the Dove Lake circuit for a full-on experience. You can also take a canyoning tour – you might want to do this in summer though!

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2. Chase Waterfalls

This region is home to some of Australia’s most stunningly beautiful falls. An easy walk through untouched rainforest and 200 steps down take you to the viewing platform of Philosophers Fall. You can wander through sweet-smelling bushland to Hogarth Falls. Or you can check out Montezuma Falls (Tasmania’s highest permanent falls). It is more challenging to reach, with an 8km return hike (although the trek is quite easy) starting from Williamsford or if you have a 4WD, you can drive to the falls.

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3. The Nut

In one of the remote areas of Tasmania, you’ll find The Nut State Reserve. To get up to the top of this ancient volcano plug, you can take the chair lift up and enjoy a stroll around the top. Seal in those views and take the lift back down too.

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4. Meet The Devils

Devils at Cradle is a Tasmanian devil sanctuary, an ethical breeding facility that takes awesome care of the devils and offers a number of different tours of the place. Learn more about wildlife and nature, and discover what they do to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction. You can even take a tour of feeding the animals and meet their babies! While you can’t actually cuddle them (sorry!), you can get up close and personal.

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5. Wildlife Spotting

Get near the local fur seal’s natural habitat by taking a seal cruise. See them sunbathe on the rocks, eat and enjoy life in general just two meters from you! Take a penguin tour in Wynyard, or keep your eyes peeled in any wild waterways for platypus. Hot tip: while much of Tassie embraces eating the local crustaceans, you can head to the Lobster Ponds where these creatures are protected.

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6. Go Fishing

There are some awesome fishing spots in the area which are good for fly fishing and trout fishing. Some of these spots are Burnie Boat Ramp, Doctor’s Rocks, Sisters Beach, Duck Bay, Arthur River, and Boat Harbour. Lake Barrington near Sheffield is a great place to catch big fish or hit the river for one of the many water sport activities.

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7. Head Off-Road

Discover the Tarkine wilderness by 4WD for a truly unique off-road experience. Take a tour or self-drive the world’s second largest cool temperate rainforest. You can also take a cruise down Arthur River for a different perspective.
For an off road experience of a different kind, explore Tasmania’s north west coastline by Pedal Buggy or discover Mt Roland by ATV.

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