Time Travel To The Dinosaur Age In Outback Queensland

by Rose Foster

Outback Queensland is renowned for its ability to transport you back in time with its rich history. Now you can have an extra special experience and travel back to the dinosaur age when you visit Eromanga!

Located three hours from Charleville, Eromanga is home to the largest dinosaur in Australia. In fact, Eromanga is the place to be if you want to find dinosaur fossils. This small outback town lies on Australia’s richest fields for sourcing dinosaur fossils. In fact, Eromanga is known for producing fossils that are between 93 and 96 million years old!

Eromanga National History Museum

These massive fossils are available to see at the town’s not-for-profit museum – Eromanga National History Museum. The museum has just undergone a major makeover to redo the reception area and coffee shop. The town received $6.6 million in funding from the government and efforts from the local council in order to make this makeover possible!

It appears the museum isn’t just a hit with the locals though! Museum director and field paleontologist, Robyn Mackenzie, has travelled the world and has seen some impressive fossils… but, in her opinion, the Eromanga National History Museum houses some ‘world-class’ fossils.




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More Fossils Coming Soon!

Ms Mackenzie and Eromanga locals are encouraging Aussie families to take advantage of the warmer winter weather in Outback Queensland and take a trip here these coming school holidays. She says the perfect weather conditions also make it a great time to start new excavation digs. They will commence their annual ‘Eulo Megafauna Dig’ in search of giant animal fossils!

The Mackenzie family, who are greatly involved in managing and maintaining the museum, are excited to commence more renovations on the museum to add galleries that will show off the 30-metre titanosaur!




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Take their advice and head to Eromanga to check out some awesome dinosaur fossils and cross this one off your Big Lap bucket list!

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