15 Coffee Solutions For Travelling Australia (Camping & Caravan Coffee)

15 Camping & Caravanning Coffee Solutions That Travelling Caffeine Lovers Will Love!

by Rose Foster

It’s no secret – Aussies love coffee. So when we take off on our adventures around Australia, the question of our morning coffee – and how we’re going to make it – always comes up.

So, to help you with your morning pick-me-up, we’ve created the ultimate list of the best coffee solutions for caravanners and campers. From compact caravan coffee machines to ingenious powerless options, check out this round up of the best the market has to offer.

1. Drip Filters By The Gums Coffee


These ingenious little drip coffee filter bags are especially handy when you’re off the grid and don’t have much space. Simply open the bag, hook it onto your cup and pour in water. 

It’s the perfect camping coffee solution.

2. Nespresso Pixie


The Nespresso Pixie is a great small pod machine that fits nicely on caravan benchtops. It also has a separate milk frother option for foamy lattes too!

3. AeroPress


This handy gadget has been one of camping world’s favourite off-grid coffee makers for years. It’s simple to use, compact, doesn’t use power and makes great coffee – what more could you want?

4. Nanopresso


The Nanopresso and Minipresso by Wacaco is another super popular coffee machine for the outdoors. Unlike the AeroPress, this one takes coffee pods. 

Now there are some incredible colours and designs. You can check them out here.

5. Reusable Capsules

from $91.95

Not necessarily a camping coffee solution but on the road you may become a little more eco-conscious and if you’re using a pod machine, you might want to invest in some reusable capsules. 

6. JetBoil Stove


This camping stove is compact and a cool solution to cooking up lunch during a hike. But what’s more, it has a cool coffee press accessories which makes it an all-in-one french press too!

7. Solis Perfetta

from $569.00

A chic full-service coffee machine with a compact design, great for small spaces in caravans. Comes with steam wand for frothy milk. Available in Black and White.

8. Breville Bambino

from $521.00

The Breville Bambino is one of the most highly recommended coffee machines from our Big Lap Community. Its ease of use and chic, compact design is a winner, for sure!

9. GSI Outdoors Espresso Machine

from $99.00

As well as being totally chic and awesome to look at, this cool little espresso machine is really functional and makes 4 cups of espresso from one use.

10. GSI Outdoors Java Drip

from $24.50

The java drip is a reusable drip filter which allows you to add your own ground coffee and drip it direct into your cup!

10. Sea To Summit X-Brew

from $24.50

The X-Brew Coffee Dripper is collapsable so it’s a perfect on-the-road coffee solution. Take it hiking or throw it in your camping kitchen kit! Doesn’t take up much room wherever you put it!

10. Thunder Espresso Machine

from $117.00

This little espresso machine takes pods like the Wacaco Nanopresso and Minipresso but it is battery powered. It can produce 50 cups from a single coffee and there’s no manual pumping required!

11. Staresso Portable Coffee Maker

from $120

Similar to the AeroPress, this pump-action coffee machine uses ground coffee. But the biggest difference is, it also has a milk frother function.

12. Bialetti 2-Cup Mukka

from $127.50

Milk in the top, coffee in the bottom. This stove top cappuccino maker allows you to make a milky coffee on the go. Pop it on your gas burner and away you go!

13. Perfect Brew Pour Over

from $40.00

This heavy-duty pour over coffee maker from Stanley uses a drip-type filter direct into your mug. Camping coffee, done!

14. The Travel Press

from $44.95

Make coffee-making even easier with the all-in-one Travel Press. This is a French Press and travel mug in one – ground coffee and hot water is all you need!

15. GSI Outdoors JavaDrip Coffee Maker

from $89.00

A drip coffee filter and travel mug in one. This is a great option for those who love drip coffee and convenience!

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