10 Things That Will Make Your Big Lap Easier

10 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For Your Big Lap (But Totally Do)

by Rose Foster

1. Smart Lock By AirBolt


The Smart Lock by AirBolt is the ideal device to keep your belongings safe when you’re travelling Australia.

Lock up your most valuable items while you’re away from your van and unlock them using your smart phone!

Battery Monitor for the big lap caravan2. TrailCheck by BMPro


TrailCheck is an additional remote trailer battery monitor system for your tow vehicle. Use it with TrailSafe break-away safety system for ultimate peace of mind during your big lap road trip.

As a wireless solution, TrailCheck communicates with TrailSafe via Bluetooth.

3. Tooletries Bathroom Organiser


Perfect for when space is a premium, this silicon bathroom caddy with mirror set is a great accompaniment for your caravan bathroom. Plus there are a number of additional items to go with it!

Easily sticks to your caravan walls and holds your items secure in transit.

Gas bottle monitor for the big lap setup4. SmartSense by BMPro


The Smartsense Gas Bottle Level Monitor & App takes the guesswork out of figuring out how much gas you have left. A super handy gadget especially when you’re managing your supplies whilst on the road.

So many Big Lappers cook with gas – this gadget makes sure you never run out of gas in the middle of nowhere!

6. Nanopresso


Coffee, coffee, coffee. We really can’t live without it, can we? And when we’re dealing with limited space and power available in most modern caravans, this nanopresso is a great alternative to the traditional espresso machine

Hat clip to keep your hats handy whilst on the big lap8. Klipsta Hat Clip


This cute little hat clip from Klipsta keeps your hat handy when you’re out and about. Clip it to your bag when you’re on a hike or attach it to a handy spot in your caravan or car. Never lose your hat again!

water hose for the Big Lap 9. Hoses & Multi-Reels

from $50.40

The Multi-Reel from Flat Out International makes using hoses and leads on the road super easy! Between their space saving design and ease of use, you’ll definitely need these for your Big Lap.

10. BBQ Arm

from $195.00

The BBQ Arm is a great addition to any caravan or campervan, eliminating the need for a BBQ table or external kitchen bench top. The BBQ Arm attaches to your tailgate and provides the perfect platform for your outdoor cooking needs. 

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