A New, More Affordable Way To Purchase A Caravan

by Rose Foster

Every Big Lapper knows the struggle of purchasing a caravan – all the choices to make, plus long build times now that everyone wants one!

Well, now it seems there’s a new trend that sees Aussies spend less on purchasing and maintaining their van. The Caravan Partnership, founded by Roni Ormandlaki, has been set up to help Aussies travel the country in a more affordable capacity.

The Caravan Partnership allows each person to purchase a share of a caravan (as low as 10%), giving them a certain number of days per year to essentially ‘hire out’ the caravan and take off wherever they like. The more shares you purchase, the more days per year you have to use the caravan.

Credit: Caravan Partnership

You also have the option of booking unlimited stand-by days, meaning you can take the caravan out any time for those spur-of-the-moment trips (provided no one else who owns shares is using the caravan).

To put this into perspective, if you purchase a 10% share, your outlay could end up under $5,000. This would give you 35 days per year to use the caravan. It’s the perfect option for those who may not be in the financial capacity to purchase a caravan outright or take off and do the Big Lap of Australia. It also means that you save on costs associated with maintaining and fixing any issues the caravan may sustain on your travels – this is all covered and handled by the Caravan Partnership.

You can be assured that you won’t be receiving a mediocre caravan either! The Caravan Partnership offers top-of-the-line caravans that features items such as a Nespresso machine and a Weber BBQ. Linen, bedding, and camping gear are also included (though of course you can always bring your own).

Keep this in mind when considering whether to do the Big Lap! There are always options if you can’t commit to a long-term trip right away.

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