20 Epic Waterfalls To See On Your Big Lap

by Meri Gasem

Waterfalls are one of nature’s many creations that never cease to amaze us. No matter if you’re traveling with kids or alone, visiting some of Australia’s epic waterfalls is a must. Many of them offer more than just a stunning view, but a plethora of activities and a perfectly serene place to unwind. Don’t forget the bucket-list-worthy waterfall dip!

1. Ellenborough Falls, NSW

Located just 10km down a gravel road, between Comboyne and Elands, on the Ellenborough River, this horsetail fall has a single drop of 160m. A spectacular view awaits you just a quick (but challenging!) walk down through the rainforest to the base of the waterfall.

There are no fees to enter the national park. Picnic tables, BBQ, and a café are there at your disposal.

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2. Wollomombi Falls, NSW

Hidden off the beaten path just 30min off Armidale in the heart of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, this is a plunge waterfall with a drop of 100metres. The valley itself offers majestic views, topped with an accessible viewing platform and several walks with varying lengths and fitness levels.

The Wollomombi campground is an excellent bush site to settle in for those who want to explore the valley.

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3. Minyon Falls, NSW

The water eroded the cliffs that were once part of the Tweed volcano to create the Minyon Falls. Settled in the Whian Whian National Park, these falls have a drop of more than 100metres coming to a great swimming hole at the base. A somewhat challenging 9km bush walk will take you from the top to the bottom of the falls.


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4. Belmore Falls, NSW

Located in the Southern Highlands and Illawarra regions just 120km from Sydney, this is a plunge waterfall made of three drops ranging between 77-130 metres. Easily accessible and offering magnificent views of the Kangaroo Valley. There is a hidden unofficial path down to the waterfall base but beware, it’s steep and unmarked.

If you’re experienced climbers and decide to follow your adrenaline rush to the fantastic view, be careful. 


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5. Ebor Falls, NSW

A tiered waterfall located in the New England region near Ebor on the Guy Fawkes River. Following the Waterfall Way, the Ebor Falls are a stop you can’t miss. You will experience peace, serenity, and a breathtaking landscape that is slowly recovering from the fires. The bushfire destroyed the viewing platforms, so access is limited.


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6. Hopetoun Falls, VIC

Located in the Otways region of Victoria on the Aire River, they are rectangular plunge waterfalls. With a drop of 30 metres and scenic surroundings, these falls attract many travelers, so their preservation is a top priority. A steep walk down 200 steps will lead you to the platform on the foot of the waterfall to admire nature’s creation and plenty of fauna. Access is limited, and so is parking, so make sure to come early.


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7. Mackenzie Falls, VIC

The most amazing waterfall in Victoria is located on the MacKenzie River in the Grampians National Park. With a drop of over 30 metres, this waterfall can be accessed from three points. If you’re up for a challenge, take the MacKenzie Falls Walk that is steep and narrow but ends with a magnificent view from below. The MacKenzie River walk includes some river hopping, while the walk to the lookout is easy and accessible.

Beware that swimming is not permitted.


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8. Southern Rockhole, NT

A seasonal waterfall that flows only during the wet season, located in the Nitmiluk National Park. To reach it, you can take the ferry each way or save money and follow the Windolf trail. In just one hour or 4km each course you will reach this magnificent spot. You will be rewarded with a refreshing dip in the crystal clear rock pool. Plenty of shade around to relax and spend the day.


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9. Jim Jim Falls, NT

Jim Jim Falls are classified as national heritage as part of the Kakadu National Park. It’s a plunge waterfall nestled between the colorful cliffs with a single drop of 140-200 metres that plummets into a deep pool. Take the 2 km hike and end it with a refreshing dip in the pool. While the site is reachable with 4WD during the dry season, you won’t see much of the waterfall then.


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10. Talbot Bay’s Horizontal Falls, WA

How are horizontal falls even possible? The waterfall effect is created because the water pours horizontally through two narrow gorges only 300 metres apart. It’s a one of a kind sight that’s a must-see on your Big Lap. Located in Talbot Bay in Western Australia, the falls are reachable by a boat or seaplane. You might opt to book a tour with an agency for the full experience. 


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11. Mitchell Falls, WA

This four-tiered massive waterfall located in the Kimberley region is a real oasis. It’s a challenge for the Big Lappers – the campsite along the falls is reachable by a 4WD but expect a long and dusty ride. From the campsite you need to take a short walk to the falls, where you can enjoy a swim.

The other option is a 20-minute chopper ride from the campsite that takes you over the waterfalls.


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12. Wallaman Falls, QLD

This jaw-dropping horsetail waterfall is located on Stony Creek in the Girringun National Park – part of the World Heritage Wet Tropic Area. This waterfall’s main drop is 268 metres, making it Australia’s tallest single drop, year-round waterfall. The plunging pool at the base is 20 metres deep, and platypus, cassowaries, and water dragons inhabit it. Merely a 4-hour drive from Cairns, head to Herbert River Valley and choose one of the two hiking trails to the waterfall’s foot.


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13. Millaa Millaa Falls, QLD

Located just a 5-minute drive from the town of Millaa Millaa, this waterfall has an 18metre drop and represents a hidden gem. Flora and fauna surrounding it will give you the feeling of being in a tropical oasis. The base pool is a perfect swimming spot; you can even go under the waterfall and find some platypi! It’s easily accessible by car, with many amenities on-site, making it a perfect spot for the whole family.


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14. Barron Falls, QLD

This steep-tiered waterfall on the Barron River is guaranteed to leave you speechless. That’s if you visit during the wet season when there is a massive amount of water coming down the fall and can leave you soaking wet even standing on the platform. During the remainder of the year, the waterfall is running, but it’s drastically reduced. The longest drop comes at 107 metres. You can take the Sky Rail or drive to the top for the magnificent view. 


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15. Josephine Falls, QLD

The Cairns Region offers plenty of epic waterfalls, and Josephine Creek is home to one of them. This cascade tiered waterfall is made of three drops coming to a fantastic crystal clear pool. The waterfall path is short and easy, and the surroundings are perfect for a full day of family activities.

Bonus: there’s a natural waterslide on site!

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16. Purling Brook Falls, QLD

The Gondwana Rainforest located in the Springbrook National Park has a well-kept secret- the Purling Brook Falls. This horsetail waterfall with a drop of more than 100 metres is mesmerizing to look at during the wet season. Reachable by a 4km circuit track through the rainforest. The walk takes less than 2 hours and is suitable for kids. If you’re up for a dare, take the 3-hour hike down to the foot of the waterfall. Swimming is allowed, so take the chance and dive in!


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17. Montezuma Falls, TAS

With the risk of sounding repetitive- this waterfall will make your jaw drop. A 104-metre long cascading waterfall located in the Cradle Mountain of Tasmania. A beautiful 8km walk through the rainforest that was once a mining area leads you to this gem. Make sure to take waterproof footwear due to some wet parts on the trail.

For an extra adrenaline rush, walk the iron rope bridge that will take you to a great lookout.


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18. Russell Falls, TAS

Located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, 70km from Hobart, the Russell Falls are tiered-cascade falls. A calm and serene 20-minute stroll on the boardwalk through the forest will take you to the best view of the falls. The path is perfect if you’re with children, strollers, or wheelchairs. The visitor’s centre is a great place to learn more about the falls; they’re ready to give you plenty of information.


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19. Nelson Falls, TAS

Located on the West Coast of Tasmania between Strahan and Hobart, the Nelson Falls are cascade waterfalls with a drop of 30 metres. Surrounded by untouched nature and reachable by a 15-minute walk from the parking lot, spectacular scenery awaits you at the end. Although the path is short, you will encounter many ferns, mosses, and other unique flora and fauna.

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20. Liffey Falls, TAS

A tiered waterfall located in the Midlands of Tasmania on Liffey River with four drops ranging from 120-160 metres. The falls are made of three sections, with the lowest one accommodating the pool where you can take a dip. The cave section on-site will trigger your adventurous side while the proximity (only 6km) to the campsite and parking lot reassures you no matter how tired you are, you’re close to (your temporary) home.


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