The Best Towing Mirrors On The Market in 2021

by Meri Gasem

Let’s set this straight – towing is not easy. Even experienced drivers struggle at times. Luckily there are few accessories and gadgets that can make it easier and less stressful. Towing for the first time? Then towing mirrors are your new best friend. Forget your standard factory side mirrors. While they’re helpful for your daily commute, pulling a caravan behind requires special gear. Towing something wider than your car without towing mirrors is illegal as well!

We’ve selected and reviewed the best ones on the market for you; all you have to do is read on and pick your favourite! Still not in the clear why you need special towing mirrors? Well, let’s find out!

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Types of Towing Mirrors

If this is your first time purchasing towing mirrors, it’s good to know there are a couple of types you can choose from. Different types cater to different needs and budgets.

Manual Towing Mirrors

Manual towing mirrors are one of the most affordable options. They’re not powered, and installation is simple. Manual mirrors are adjustable by hand only, which might be a hassle.

Powered Towing Mirrors

Powered towing mirrors are convenient, adjustable by a click of a button, but might be hard to install by yourself. Nevertheless, they’re the closest option to your factory mirrors. But, of course, they come at a higher price – you pay for the convenience.

Telescopic Towing Mirrors

If you’re towing a trailer or a larger camper, you’d need a more flexible option like telescopic towing mirrors. They can be powered or manual and extend so you’d get a better rearview. Once you don’t need the extension, you can retract them into the standard position for a narrower view.

Universal Clip-On Mirrors

For those towing a caravan for a summer holiday or weekend getaways, clip-on mirrors might be the best option. They act as an extension to your car’s factory mirrors. They’re also very affordable but don’t blend in with your car’s exterior and tend to vibrate.






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Features & Considerations

There are a few main features you should look for and consider when searching and comparing towing mirrors:

  • Type of Glass
    There are two types of glass; flat and convex. Flat glass tends to show objects more proportionally and accurately. Convex glass provides a wider view but distorts objects and distance more. Convex glasses are known to reduce blind spots more than flat mirrors. You can get the best of both worlds since there are models with both types of glass.
  • Installation Method
    Depending on how handy you are, installing the towing mirrors can be hectic or straightforward. For example, clip-on mirrors are easy to clamp on but powered towing mirrors require you to remove the car’s factory mirrors and wire them correctly. If you don’t have the skills, you’ll need to pay for installation.
  • Compatibility
    Not all towing mirrors suit all cars. Even the universal type has some limitations. Look for a statement from the manufacturer about their mirrors’ compatibility.
  • Field of View
    When it comes to towing mirrors, size matters; look for tall and wide mirrors so you’d be able to pull your caravan safely and efficiently. A larger mirror can be a mix of both flat and convex glass for the maximised field of view.
  • Built-In Heating
    There aren’t many places in Australia where you’d get ice on your mirrors daily, but the morning haze can make your mirrors blurred. Instead of stopping to wipe them up, a built-in heater activates when it’s cold enough and keeps them clear.
  • LED Lights
    Some towing mirrors come with built-in LED arrows wired into your car’s turn signals and brake lights. You’d get an increased side view and extended signal lights range. However, this feature does ramp up the price and complicates the mirrors’ installation.
  • Price
    Essentially, the type of towing mirrors determines their price. Clip-on towing mirrors are the most affordable and can cost around $50. The middle-range price is $50 to $100; you can find great models with more than basic features. Premium towing mirrors that are powered, can resist long travel, harsh terrain and have built-in features cost over $100.

Note: All the mirrors we talk about below are the brand of mirror, but you need to make sure you get the one specific to your car.







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Best Towing Mirrors

We have selected the best towing mirrors on the market in 2021 to ease your decision. Our selection has plenty of options whether you’re looking for clip-on or powered mirrors. Let’s dive in!

Caravan RV Camping

1. Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirrors

Dometic Milenco Aero 3 are easy to install, non-vibrating mirrors that provide an expansive view behind your vehicle. They use the airflow around your car to stabilise and balance the mirror head at speed, eliminating vibration and ensuring a clear view far past your caravan. Your mirrors will stay in place even in high winds or when passing large trucks. They feature easy-grip clamp attachments that are simple to fit on your car’s factory mirrors. The head is easily adjustable and rotates 360 degrees. Dometic Milenco Aero 3 is made of stainless steel, brass and chrome safety glass. They’re proven to be durable, obey all laws and regulations in Australia and beyond. Switching your vehicle? No need for new towing mirrors; Aero 3 is easy to remove and fit on your new car!

Type: Manual
Price: $120 – $160

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My Generator

2. San Hima Extendable Towing Mirrors

San Hima Extendable Towing Mirrors are another great option for full-time travellers. They feature two mirrors – the top a flat mirror that allows you to see the rear of your caravan, while the bottom is a convex mirror that is designed to eliminate blind spots. The mirrors can be adjusted manually, and can also be folded in to avoid damage when fitting through tight spaces. Their extendable feature means that they can stretch to a width of 200mm, allowing a good view of the sides and rear of your caravan. The mirrors have also been specially designed to avoid distortion of the rear view. They also feature indicators for added convenience. While they are slightly more expensive, they’re a good investment for Big Lappers.

Type: Manual
Price: $100 to $700

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3. Adventure Towing Mirrors

Adventure Towing Mirrors are a more affordable option but are still a quality product. They are a fixed, permanent mirror that replaces your current car mirrors. Specifically designed so you can push them in when not needed and pull them out when you hit the road, this easy design saves you the time of switching between mirrors. They’re slightly more expensive than clip-on mirrors, but worth it for the hassle-free design.

Type: Manual; Fixed
Price: $250 to $650

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4. MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors

MSA produces electric mirrors that you install in place of your factory mirrors. They come at a higher price but are a long-term investment when it comes to durability. Installation is more complex, but you get to adjust them at the touch of a button.

MSA 4X4’s Patented Towing Mirrors feature a large, single mirror that rotates on a solid extension slide, providing more vision with less vibration. In addition, when you’re not using your vehicle to tow a caravan, the mirrors can be returned to the normal non-towing position. This way, you can fit in tight spaces and avoid damaging the extended mirrors. MSA towing mirrors are designed to fit the size and silhouettes of a wide range of 4WDs, like the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu DMAX, Toyota Land Cruiser, and more.

Type: Powered; Manual Telescopic Function
Price: $830 to $950

Buy yours here!

Clearview Accessories

5. Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview towing mirrors are designed to replace your car’s mirrors, making them a permanent fixture – ideal for those travelling full-time, like Big Lappers. Designed to feature two mirrors, Clearview mirrors have a top mirror with a flat, relfective surface which allows you to see directly down the sides of your caravan, while the bottom convex mirror is designed to eliminate blind spots. These mirrors are also designed to manually fold inwards towards the car so you can avoid people scraping them at car parks. You can customise your order by choosing the colour and whether you want electric or manual mirrors. While they are more expensive than other towing mirrors on the market, they’re a good investment if you plan to travel full-time.

Type: Electric or Manual
Price: $800 to $1500

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OCAM Industries

6. OCAM TM3 Towing Mirrors

OCAM Extendable Towing Mirrors are created for towing trailers, boats, caravans and horse floats. They come in black and chrome, with or without indicators. The large flat mirror is electric and adjustable using the car’s factory controls. The small lower mirror is convex, providing a broader view, and is adjustable manually. The mirrors protract manually on a sturdy extension slide. So when you’re not towing a load, they’re easy to retract. They come with a wiring loom and switch and are installed in place of your factory mirrors. The OCAM towing mirrors increase your range by around 200mm over regular factory mirrors.

Type: Powered
Price: $500 to $580

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7. DRIVE Easy Fit Towing Mirrors

The Drive Easy Fit towing mirrors are a budget aftermarket version, suitable for those occasionally towing a caravan for the weekend. The mirrors are manual and easy to install with a singular strap and clip-on. They fit snugly and resist vibration to a high level. You’re not bothered with removing your existing mirrors, and they won’t get damaged or obstructed. The price is significantly lower, but the quality is at an excellent level.

Type: Manual, Clip-On
Price: $50 to $65

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8. MOBI Outdoor Extendable Mirrors

MOBI Outdoor towing mirrors are designed to help you tow your caravan on your on and off-road adventures. They come with an elegant anti-vibration foot base and are set on a sturdy extension slide. They’re easy to push back in when you’re not towing. MOBI towing mirrors come with built-in yellow lens LED indicator lights and a plug and play wiring kit for easy DIY installation.

Type: Manual, Clip-On
Price: $370

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Caravan RV Camping

9. Reich Handy Mirror

Reich Handy Mirrors are a clip-on design meant to clip on to your existing car mirrors. They’re a more affordable option and would be a great option for those who do not plan to travel full-time. They can be easily installed and removed, making them a convenient choice for part-time travellers. Reich Handy Mirrors have an extendable design to allow for an easier view of the sides and rear of your caravan. They clip on to your existing car mirrors with quick release adjustable straps – a knob allows you to control how far the mirrors extend.

Type: Clip-On
Price: $65 to $70

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Caravan RV Camping

10. Coast Door Mount Mirror V2

Another affordable option, Coast Door Mount mirrors are designed to strap on to your car door. They feature a rubber pad to ensure that the paint on your car is not damaged. An easy to fit, fully adjustable option, a ratchet strap ensures they fit snuggly to avoid vibrations and any obstructions to your view. The Coast Door Mount mirrors can extend from 330 to 470mm, providing a decent view of the sides and rear of your caravan. A larger bracket and strap are also included for thicker doors. There’s a slight catch though – these mirrors are only sold singularly, not in pairs like many other brands. Still, they’re an afforable, good quality option.

Type: Clip-On; Adjustable
Price: $79

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